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Asking a woman her age?
So two questions on a beans age........

I have read in a few places the need to rest beans after roasting. Resting seems to change depending on the degree of roast or bean type, is that correct?
So how does one go about choosing the length of time to rest?

Also the words rest, age and store are being used interchangeably in some posts on-line. But that does not seem correct to me. What is the difference between them and why age or store fresh roasted beans at all?

Thanks everyone,

(Initiating can of worms explosion in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1......)
Well now........ that's not suppose to happen!
Here is a recent thread that touches on a number of your questions.
Sean Harrington
Thanks, I had read that post before.

I guess I was just looking for a definition and others practice.
Well now........ that's not suppose to happen!
I would suggest if you have more specific questions about that topic, just post them on that thread. it will get more attention that way.

Sean Harrington
yep lots a good info over there, my self I use a pickle jar, Vlasic to be honest) have used it for several years the seals still good.

and beans cannot cause mason jars to explode, even if they have had moonshine in them.
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dja wrote:
and beans cannot cause mason jars to explode, even if they have had moonshine in them.

Um, dropping them on a granite countertop can. Been there.

+3 on using the other thread Greg!

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I stand by word for word on my post here

In addition
You only need to please yourself as to the coffee flavour you prefer
Taste your roasts often to determine your sweet spot level
If possible taste other roasters beans to compare

Roasting in general is not rocket science, it is a little tweaking here and a little tweaking there until you get the desired effect

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great question, give me a few minutes on this one.

Ok thanks
Well now........ that's not suppose to happen!
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