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03/04/2021 9:04 PM
I have been trying Scott Rao Hario V60 pourover this week. 1:17 and blooming with 2 parts water the first 45 seconds then splitting the rest into 2 pours. A little stirring is included. We like it.

03/04/2021 11:35 AM
My brew ratio is 1:17 (exactly 59.5 g/L). That's roughly 8.5g per 5-oz cup.

02/27/2021 9:29 AM
I'm looking to hire someone to teach/help me to find the best roast profile for the 3 types of coffee that grow on my farm in nicaragua. I live in LA, but but could go anywhere in so cal with my Behmor for a roasting lesson. Please contact me if you're in

02/17/2021 7:20 PM
When your wife thinks 30 grams for a 6 cup setting is strong, you learn to drink muddy water when you are making coffee for both of you.

02/17/2021 8:32 AM
I use a rule of thumb of 60 grams per liter. 8 cups (1 liter, 32 oz) = 60 grams, 6 cups (3/4 liter, 24 oz) = 45 grams. 10 cups = 75 grams 12 cups = 90 grams

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Instead of the morning cup you might try this to get your day "Going"
s.a.Wilsons Gold Roast coffee.
How do I prepare a coffee enema?

The following is a basic coffee enema recipe. If you are following a certain program or are the care of a coach or Doctor that recommends a different recipe please be sure to follow the directions you've been given by your coach or Doctor.

In a non-aluminum pot or saucepan:

empty 4 cups of filtered or distilled water
3 rounded tablespoons of organic coffee (finely ground), not instant
Stir the coffee to make sure all is mixed in the water, then bring to a
boil and boil for 3 to 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Reduce heat and cover pot or saucepan with lid and let simmer for
15 to 20 minutes.
Remove from stove element and let coffee cool down to room temperature.
Strain coffee through a fine sieve* to remove as many coffee grinds as possible.
Because of the boiling process, some of the water may have evaporated, add
plain filtered water or distilled water to the coffee to bring it up to 4 full cups.

*Please avoid using a paper or cloth filter to strain your coffee as it removes much
more than the grounds, much of the prime elements such as Cafestol will be lost by
using cloth or paper
I had a friend who was requesting some coffee for this. She worked at a spa where this was the new "thing". :mooning:
Good find Doc.

Edited by Unta on 01/08/2012 8:02 AM
Sean Harrington
Sounds like Kopi Luwak would be perfect for this :up-late:
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Waiting to read the reviews...
William Sikes
While I believe that all/most/some home remedies are great and that flushing our system is a super way to stay above on the health curve this thread does not belong in preparing coffee.

Is it another way to use coffee? Yes of course.

Would I do it? Most likely I would not because I am not sure that coffee grounds will remove what has built up or may want to build up in my rectum!

If you eat te right amounts of veggies, grain and fruit you will not have to go down the enema trail...

Great post DocZ. I would like to know how you were helped by this particular enema and what it's real value is?

I hope you get to feeling better Ginny.
William Sikes
If this is not a way to prepare coffee then I digress. Like wsikes “Waiting to read the reviews...”.ThumbsUp
Wow, a lot of very easy pitches here. Normally, I'd hit a few...

The directions are incomplete. Dosage and method of delivery are absent.

Edited by seedlings on 01/09/2012 9:01 AM
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The post does belong in this forum. If you have any issue with that please contact me off line.

[email protected]Grin

no testers yet! why am I not surprised?
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