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Hughes Net, anyone used?
Hi all:

figured with our wide range of folks who live all over the place I might be able to get some comments on Hughes Net.

my local company has finally, after 7 years, decided that it really cannot give me a great signal.

so anyone had any experience with Hughes Net. they are the only option for me since I am in the boonies.

thanks in advance,


I looked into it extensively when I needed 100% positive connections anywhere in the US (mobile dish on an RV).

It is a good reliable alternative if you do not have any other options. You will always get a connection, regardless of where you are located

For us in order for it to be economically viable we would have needed to have dishes at all houses as well as the RV and since all houses get DSL service the cost for connecting 1 dish/unit for "occasional use" put it too far out considering cell/data coverage has gotten so much better over the years.

Up at our camp (in the great white north) we have neither internet or cell coverage. Our phone provider offered both cell (internal home network) and internet along with the land line.

Have you talked to your phone company about alternatives?

The only drawback to satellite internet that I found was the lag time. Signal from ground to bird then from bird to ground station than back to bird than to you. Most people I talked with said the lag was noticeable
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Ginny, I do not have personal experience with hughes, so that is a caveat here with my post. Have you also looked into DirectTV.com? I know they also provide satellite internet service. They may have a package that could compete with hughes, possibley be better.

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Thanks for responding guys...

I appreciate your feedback. I have Frontier here in the High Desert of Arizona.

my place is the last property out here that can get service, DSL is what we have, it is not too bad. The issue is the company is facing multiple network problems and they say they may not be able to continue to supply me with any decent connection.

of course, my position is that I have had it for 7 years, paid for it yadda, yadda...

what I have heard about Hughes is worrisome...

this will be a wait and see...


Check the 'upload speed' of satellite service.
And also look at the the 'fair access policy'.

We have DSL, and that is because there isn't another option, YET.
If I could get cable, I would. We are a ways up a mountain road.

Ken in NC
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