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03/04/2021 9:04 PM
I have been trying Scott Rao Hario V60 pourover this week. 1:17 and blooming with 2 parts water the first 45 seconds then splitting the rest into 2 pours. A little stirring is included. We like it.

03/04/2021 11:35 AM
My brew ratio is 1:17 (exactly 59.5 g/L). That's roughly 8.5g per 5-oz cup.

02/27/2021 9:29 AM
I'm looking to hire someone to teach/help me to find the best roast profile for the 3 types of coffee that grow on my farm in nicaragua. I live in LA, but but could go anywhere in so cal with my Behmor for a roasting lesson. Please contact me if you're in

02/17/2021 7:20 PM
When your wife thinks 30 grams for a 6 cup setting is strong, you learn to drink muddy water when you are making coffee for both of you.

02/17/2021 8:32 AM
I use a rule of thumb of 60 grams per liter. 8 cups (1 liter, 32 oz) = 60 grams, 6 cups (3/4 liter, 24 oz) = 45 grams. 10 cups = 75 grams 12 cups = 90 grams

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5400 Watt Air Roaster capacity?
Hi All,

I'm attempting to build another large electric air roaster and have been gathering parts for the build. Shock

At this stage I'm going to use 3 x 1800 Watt heatgun elements for a total of 5400 Watts. Will this be enough for a 2.75 pound (1.25kg) green bean load? The goal is to do 2.2 pounds (1kg) roasted. Any thoughts?

I'm expecting to have a 5.5inch diameter cylindrical roast chamber with a central spouting fluid bed design.
Edited by greencardigan on 01/25/2018 12:02 AM
I would think so, but depends on how you are able to handle the airflow. Too little, not enough motion, to much, too high of heat loss.
Why the whole heat should be provided by hot air ?
Why not heat the walls also, if metal, or place some IR elements outside, if glass.
I could do that but I'd like to keep cheap and simple. I want a removable roast chamber so I can switch between different sizes.
What about the RC? a big glass tube a la Sonofresco ?

1.25kg FB, cheap and simple... Good luck! :)
For me 500 grams was end of the road with FB :(
What powerful motor do you intend to use?
On my biggest roaster 150/144mm I did not succeed with the 700w engine to pick up the beans.
Also, I think the power of 5400W heaters is low, I count with a minimum of twice the value.
Maybe 3x3000 to 3x 4000W, I'm not done yet.
It is supposed to be the same philosophy and the same roasting profile for all roasters.
I've not gotten into the fancy math, formulas and calculations. About 15 years ago I started with a Poppery II, and just kept modifying things to get what I needed. I've since gone through every Hearthware roaster they made and still using the iRoast-2 body, roast chamber and blower but running 2,400 watt heating element I made for it, and it's too small when running the fan at 100% once it gets above about 320F. Especially during the winter when it's cold in the garage. With this setup, 200 grams is the max I can run, and 150 grams in some beans. The blower is not strong enough to move the beans and I get scorched spots and scorched beans on heavy, dense beans.
With 2,400 watts and 150 grams of beans sometimes I have to use a heat gun aimed at the air intake for raise the incoming about 50 degrees to keep the heating element in the roaster from staying on 100% I try to keep the heat so it never stays on 100% for more than a couple of seconds, to keep from throwing the PID timing off.
500 grams is about the max I care to roast at one time and getting the stuff together to make one. I've just gotten the flexible mica I ordered to line the inside of the heat chamber and hard mica to hold the heating element. I Plan to use a piece of 4" exhaust pipe to make the housing.
My flow bench has 12, 105 CFM Vacuum motors and since I no longer do supercharged engines, I don't need that much air flow so I'm pulling two motors out of it. Since they in series/parallel I have to pull two, even if it only takes one.
For this 500 gram roaster, with the airflow I'm thinking it's going to take for good bean movement, I plan to make a 5,000 watt heating element for it
Now, if some reclaimed/recirculated air was used, the power requirement could be significantly reduced. Years back I tried that when trying to push that old Poppry II to it's limits and never like the taste of the beans I got.
So, with all that said, I personally don't think 5,000 watts is going to be enough for your project, but until I've tried it in my 500 gram one, I can't say one way of the other for sure.
With all my other projects I have going, maybe before too long, I can get this thing going.
If you are not doing this in the next few weeks, I might be able to make you a 5,000 watt heater like I'm going to make. It's not going to be real pretty because formed shaped reducers on each end are fairly expensive so, I'm going to do a little redneck engineering to form reduced ends.
Edited by BenKeith on 01/25/2018 1:50 PM
I’m planning to try a 600 Watt vacuum blower. It’s the same type as I use on my 350g roaster but I only use between 10% and 20% power on it. So I’m hopeful it can do up to 1kg.

Is anyone familiar with the Artisan 2.5 air roaster? It apparently uses 5200 Watts to do up to 3lb (1.36kg) batches. Maybe it recycles exhaust air? Specs PDF here - https://coffeecra...-Sheet.pdf
Looking at the table I put together a while back, it looks like 5200 watts would be in the ballpark without reclaiming. The table isn't based on calculations but is from pulling advertised specs from various makes/models.


2-----17000--5kw---------2----10200---3 kw
Edited by allenb on 01/27/2018 2:07 PM
1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
900 grams = 2 lbs --- 1.5 kW - IR + convection
Thanks Allen for the table. I was looking for that but hadn't found it.


BenKeith wrote:
If you are not doing this in the next few weeks, I might be able to make you a 5,000 watt heater like I'm going to make.

I can't use a single 5000W element. I probably will only have access to a 3600W and a 2400W power circuit. I'll be splitting the heating elements over both circuits.
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