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CBR101 sensors

Tried a lot to find this info before starting a new thread, but no outcome...
Anyone knows what type are the Gene sensors ?
Measured them and don't show low resistance as a thermocouple but something in the 236 Ohms ballpark, at 25 C ambient.
Could this be a Pt sensor ?

Thank you for any hint !
Parts list might give you your answer https://genecafeu...cafe-parts
Nothing useful, been there...

"Replacement outlet/inlet temperature sensor for the Gene Cafe CBR-101."
This thread suggests RTD https://coffeesno...fully.html
Also See this thread ("the one in the GC is a negative coefficient thermistor with a room temp resistance of about 1Megohm") https://coffeesno...ogger.html
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Yep, RTD, with negative temperature coefficient.
The previous measurement was faulty, they are in the 250K ballpark at ambient temperature and go down to 30-50k when a 300 C hot gun is aiming the heater assembly.
Mark McCornack
I believe it was the genecafeusa..com site that had troubleshooting guidance that said ambient was around 250kOhms. What they do not mention is that there is a "new" version (with blue cables ) incompatible with the "old" version (white cables).
The "old" one's are apparently no longer available, however if you are willing to shell out for a new main board, you could replace both. New board, new blue wire sensor.
I have an older unit (2007) and the only issue is this failed inlet temp sensor.
I can't get an answer from genecafeusa..com on this matter as what the electrical differences are between new and old sensors, so I'm stuck.
Anybody have any knowledge about this? Thanks..Mark
Already posted a notice in the other thread about the "inlet" sensor.
Mark McCornack
Hi Renatoa. Sorry, but I?m new to this forum and I don?t understand your reply. Who already posted a notice in what other thread regarding ?inlet? sensor? Can you direct me?

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