Thread subject: :: New Members - May Start Here !

Posted by Juan Grande on 03/23/2009 21:13

Hello all !
My name is John and I'm a coffee junkie.
I've been browning the bean for over a year now since the arrival of a Behmor on my door step. I don't have a favorite origin but do seem to be fond of the Bourbon cultivar. I live in the San Francisco area and way too close to Sweet Maria's wharehouse, which means I always justify buying extra poundage because I don't have to pay shipping. There's logic in there somewhere me thinks. At least that's how I explain it to the Mrs. ;) I'm looking forward to reading all there is to offer here and am especially interested in Metal's roasters and efforts in the area of smoke supression. Thanks for letting me in the door and I look forard to meeting y'all here at !

Juan Grande