Thread subject: :: Double Barrel Blending Roaster

Posted by Lylabrown on 04/20/2012 00:11

I've discovered the need for a small batch roaster. Doing small (1/4#) batches in my 1# roaster for blends is not very efficient. And changes the roasting dynamics considerably. A single drum would do, but why stop there, why not build a double drum?

Also, we have another 2 months of dark rainy days here in the Northwest. For sanity's sake - I need a project. Here's what I have in mind. (click for larger view)

The two outer shells will be cube shaped with open walls on the bottom (for chaff removal) and the inside (nearest to the nichrome coils). The two sides pivot independently of each other for pinpointing the optimal dump time for a particular bean. A chain drive in the rear powers the drums. I'd like to have the drums rotate in opposite directions to keep the beans as far from the heating coils as possible to prevent scorching. Small 1 to 1 ratio gears can be added to one of the drums to reverse its rotation.

That's the concept so far.