Thread subject: :: Double Barrel Blending Roaster

Posted by Dan on 04/20/2012 09:55

Using a chain as a rack is a novel idea. Here's a suggestion: The motor is located at the point of greatest chain flex, which means it could skip teeth. Instead, direct drive one of the end sprockets with the motor. It will eliminate any skipping, and save you the price of one sprocket.

Traditionally, as you may know, sample roaster drums are driven with a worm and worm gear arrangement, which allows disconnection like the sprockets you have. The advantage for you is that this makes it easy to reverse direction of one drum provided you can find both left and right worms and worm gears. Try

Alternatively, you could direct drive both drums with individual gearmotors in the same way my sample roaster is driven. The cost of these little gearmotors could very well be cheaper than chains and sprockets. The trick will be finding CW and CCW gearmotors since those shaded-pole motors are not reversible.


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