Thread subject: :: Double Barrel Blending Roaster

Posted by Lylabrown on 04/24/2012 18:48

Appreciate your input Dan. A more modular design sounds neat.
I share your concern about the upper barrels not getting enough heat.

As a remedy I considered having two separate sets of 1200w nichrome coils. One for the main barrel, and another directly underneath the smaller ones. Which wouldn't be run simultaneously. The controls would be all the same except the SSR output line would have a switch to toggle between the upper/lower coils. Creating two machines in one. Essentially what you suggest, except keeping the current design intact.

As you can tell - I'm a little attached to my current design.

In the end...I concede. Your modular idea is better. Two individual tops sharing a common base makes a lot of sense. They can be optimized better that way.

Back to the drawing board.