Thread subject: :: Double Barrel Blending Roaster

Posted by Lylabrown on 04/25/2012 10:18

I think we're on to something here. Dan's "convertible" roaster idea is a brilliant one.
It makes for a multi-purpose platform that's not only useful for roasting, but also food dehydration, sausage fermenting (another hobby of mine), Etc, All one needs to do is fabricate another "top" for that particular function.

I think we're at version 4.0 of the design now:

The two "tops" can be attached/hinged by a simple sliding latches on the front face.
There will be plug-in sockets for the motors on the side of the base. One each for A/C + D/C power supply for the motors, with a DPST switch to control both. The sockets can be two different types to prevent any mix-ups.

I'm excited!