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Artisan logging temp problems.
Hey, so I picked up a roaster which has a tc4 on it. I have gotten my Mac computer connected to it with artisan 0.9.2 and am able to log my temperatures however I am having problems keeping the BT and delta BT somewhat constant. Just for testing purposes I removed the BT thermocouple and placed it in a cup of water to see how the computer BT temp would respond. The temperature that artisan was reporting was all over, varying up to 6-10f between samples. I have tried changing many setting trying to get this somewhat stable however have had no success. I had the sample rate set to 3 and 6 seconds which made no difference. Is there something that I am missing? I have changed the sampling interval up to 6 or 10s, dealta span up to 6s, smooth curves up to 10, smooth deltas up to 10, selected smooth2, changed window setting. I have tried installing and connecting a windows computer to see if there was any difference but no difference. Is there a setting in artisan that I am missing or something different I could try. I know the previous owner had the roaster connected to artisN but an older verion which he used a filter setting I think to help this maybe.

After I get everything running smooth and a few successful roasts I would like to learn how to get the PID function in artisan working too.
Hey, so we did our first roast yesterday and this is what it looks like. I was hoping someone could help me in figuring out that setting to change if possible to get the delta BT a little more smooth while roasting. Thanks.

This is with smooth curves at 0 and smooth deltas at 0. The first filter setting is at 30% and the second filter setting is at 30%. Sample interval is at 3s.

Any suggestions?
Shaunytown attached the following image:
Until someone that knows something adds to the thread ....
Could your probe wire lead be touching metal somewhere?
I had to put my probe wire in a silcone tube to prevent shorting.

Ken in NC
Backwoods Roaster
"I wish I could taste as well as I wish I could roast."

As Abraham Lincoln said "Do not trust everything you read on the internet".
The probe wire conductors themselves should not be touching any metal. It is a shielded cable and is strapped to metal for a bunch of it's length running to the tc4c. But I should try unstraping it from that metal and see what happens maybe.
So I tried reroute get the thermocouple cable so it was not touching any metal however this produced no results. I played around with with more settings and found that turning on smooth2 and adjusting the window setting higher smoothed out the deltaT curve. I am not sure what the usual setting is but I found mine adjusted to 10 was much better.
Are your readings more stable if you have the thermocouple disconnected from the TC4C?

Also try with the thermocouple removed and replaced by a piece of wire from one thermocouple connection to the other.

That should help determine if your thermocouple is causing the issue.
So I played around a bunch with the unit and found some interest finds. I disconnected the thermocouple and everything is stable. Connected the thermocouple and found that the thermocouple was still quit stable. I had removed all the wire of the thermocouple from the body of the roaster to limit all chance of signal interference to just where the thermocouple enters the drum of the roaster. Then I plugged the roaster into the wall to see if turning on the draft fan or the motor that rotates the drum, etc. (basically if any of the 120vac circut) interferes with the thermocouple signal. After some testing, I found that once the unit is plugged into the wall with all 120vac components turned off the thermocouple becomes more unstable. By unstable I mean with all smooth BT and ROR Smoothing turned off and the sample rate turned to 1 sec (to magnify any interference) at room temp the ROR wanders from +3f to -2f. Before the ROR would stay with 1f. Also, I found that if I touched the body of the roaster with my hand the ROR would respond by spiking up to +6 to +10f then drop back down to +3 then when I would take my hand off the body of the roaster it would drop down to -5 to -8f. So, the 120vac is causing some interference with the thermocouple signal even without any 120vac components running on the roaster. I talked with my friend who works with control circuitry in the oilfield and he throught it might be dangerous to try and ground(actually bond) the tc4c with the roaster body because the tc4c is power up by the computer via usb. I am thinking of protecting the thermocouple shielded cable with an electrical insulator and installing a Teflon(or something of the like) grommet where the thermocouple enters the body of the roaster to keep the tc4c and thermocouple isolated from the roaster. Hopefully removing any potential source of electrical interference, other than the beans themselves. Sorry for the long post but without proper explaination it just leaves more questions about my tests and findings.
Edited by Shaunytown on 06/01/2015 12:26 AM
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