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05/23/2022 10:46 AM
abiy welcome cup

05/18/2022 6:13 AM
gnosis coffee roasters and Terry Hauser, welcome !

05/15/2022 7:00 PM
lsawade welcome Welcome

05/15/2022 9:13 AM
Welcome, Pinofly and Alex008

05/12/2022 7:47 PM
CafficitoeTim and pmf2000 Welcome! Welcome

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Not programming, just a recording device. It's working perfectly--set it up to take readings here in the office with my non-installed TC wire. I'm liking the setup, though the RS-232 connection is active a little buggy, and the graphics is taking this POS laptop.

My other laptop is more current, but it's a 17 inch monster. I may have too many computers--at least I got rid of the desktop that was 9 years old...
A few plots of today's adventure.

First plot, which shows that something's wrong

After this and another roast like it, I took out the drum and pulled the thermocouple wires out of the tubes more, even bending the environment temperature TC wire up and closer to the bean drop chute. The rest of the day's roasts showed the success of the fix.

First Sumatra Mandheling TP Select-230g Full City+ (10 seconds into 2nd crack)

About 4 minutes from the start of 1st crack to end of roast--bean temp of 441?F.

Second Sumatra Mandheling TP select-230g Full City+ (about 5 seconds into 2nd)

This one had about 4:40 from start of 1st crack to 2nd, though I dropped the beans too early--only had pre-heat to 250?F on the bean mass TC.

Last roast was a Ethiopia Organic Natural Sidamo-230g City+

4:15 from start of first crack to end of roast, 423?F finish temperature.

Full write-up can be found at the blog, linked below.

Call me giddy!
Anyone have a 'profile' that has a quick temp ramp all the way to 1st Crack, then a gradual temp rise significantly (4 to 5 min) extending the time between the end of 1C and the beginning of 2C worked out?

I attempted to change my base profile, and ended up stalling the roast for about 4 minutes and probably pooched the roast. :(

I can probably work this out on my own, but making 250 gram mistakes with some really nice Kenyan Gethumbwini makes me feel really sad...:P

I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it. Groucho Marx

Check out:

If you have the P, you're going to have to manually take over control (as difficult as that may be with that panel) and drop heat just before the onset of first crack (you should be able to tell by watching the beans).

My general hard bean "P" profile was something like this

Target Temp/Time/Fan level


I would drop the beans at 250?F as indicated by the hottop. First crack would generally happen right at the border of the 396 and 405 phase, and I'd cycle the heater on and off (using the target temperature) to slow things down. The increased fan speed would do that as well. In general, I'd try to slow things down about 30-60 sec before I expected 1st crack based on sights, smells, and roasting history with the bean.

I had a colder weather profile that pumped an extra 30 seconds onto the first leg (243) and slowed down the fan a bit (0/1/1/2/3 in the last 5 legs). Note, the 250?F hottop temperature on a warmed up roaster is more like 330-350, based on what I've seen on my thermocouples.

Hope that helps--those two profiles were used for at least 200 roasts since I got the machine last July.
:trink29:Hi there. Great work

pret auto
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