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Heat Gun Deal
Hello all this is my first post. I am new to roasting, did a few weeks with the air popper then moved on to the BM/HG and am loving the coffee. There a ton of great info here so I wanted to contribute.

The Harbor Freight ad that just came in the mail had the 1500 Watt heat gun on sale $10. This is the one I am using.

On another note... Has anyone ever purchased beans from Balzac Brothers. They have a warehouse in my town.

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John Despres
Welcome, Rob!

I might suggest a second orange heat gun in the event yours goes out in the middle of a batch. Since HF guarantees their stuff, your $20.00 investment should last forever, cycling it through that way.

Have fun and tell us about your roasts. Do you have a favorite yet?

I've read Balzac, but never bought coffee from the Brothers.
Respect the bean.
John Despres
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I tried a couple of Balzac samples but didn't care for them. Really not a fair chance since I was after their Dominicans and Dominicans are spotty at best.

Stop in and make their acquaintance.

Welcome to the board!.

Dave Borton
Milwaukee, WI
Balzac does have good coffees, but you've got to really shake their listing to find them. Great bunch of folks--they'll talk your ear off at times.

They get decent Java lots--Blawan estate the last two years cupped well. I haven't looked at their offering list in a while--been too swamped with other vendors.

If you're in Charleston (couldn't tell by your profile), then I'd suggest you try to stop by to participate in their cuppings. That would give you the best sense of what good beans they've got on the table.
Heat gun was only 8.99 with the coupon, and whats even better, its now black! So far the Costa Rician is my favorite, but my wife thinks it is too mild. The Sumatra was way too bold. She really likes the Zimbabwe.

I am in Charleston, and the Balzac's office is just a few blocks from my office so I went there today. Very cool place and super nice people. Great prices on specialty beans. They have a lot of old coffee memorabilia, it was like a coffee museum. I can get all the beans I want right there, and no shipping. They gave me some Nicaraguan beans to try. I look forward to going back when the new crop starts coming in.
$8.99 with coupon? Drat! Missed that one. I just ordered the "ergonomic" looking one , which was on sale for $10.99.

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seedlings wrote:
$8.99 with coupon? Drat! Missed that one. I just ordered the "ergonomic" looking one , which was on sale for $10.99.


Seems like this thread died some time ago. After getting a Poplite for Christmas from my [extremely patient] wife, I attempted some modifications with a friend. We proceeded to blow the fan motor. He felt terrible and we started talking about different machines and methods. When I mentioned Heat Gun to him, he knew about the sale at Harbor Freight. I went out the next day and picked up a gun with the 1 year warranty. I've done 4 roasts and have been pretty pleased with the results. Trying to learn more and get the most out of my roasts.


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