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temkhabana Welcome

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coffee drink, 2old2kare

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Mountainman, welcome cup

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Welcome, @Microfiche

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New Members - May Start Here !


marcwonglm wrote:
Hi Everyone,
Newbie roaster, all the way form Singapore. Just got myself a Gene Cafe Roaster
and started roasting my own beans. Not to fantastic results I must say, not the equipment, just me lacking in experience. Any and all advice would be truly appreciated,:BowDown: think I roasted some beans to.....espresso level, and they were Bali. :(

Best regards and a belated New Year Greeting to all.


Huge Welcome Marc!

We just happen to have a resident, top rated Gene expert (although he may deny it), and others with varying Gene experience who will probably throw you some tips shortly.

1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
Welcome, Marc! Any coffee trees nearby? I've always wondered if people in coffee-producing areas can just walk down to a coffee farm and buy a burlap bag.

Edited by seedlings on 01/14/2011 12:47 PM
Roaster: CoffeeAir II 2# DIY air roaster
Grinder: Vintage Grindmaster 500
Brewers: Vintage Cory DCU DCL, Aeropress, Press, Osaka Titanium pourover


Third Crack wrote:
Hi Marc...welcome. I won't give much advice, I'll leave that to the more experienced roasters. However, I have a Gene Cafe and I think it would be a good idea to see how much power it draws at your voltage. It seems it can vary and its helpful to know when you are getting advice from others. In my case the Gene runs hot and I draw the rated power at a relatively low voltage. I use a cheap power meter to check my wattage. Others may give you another way to check power by seeing how much time it takes to reach a certain temperature empty.
That being said, the Gene is a nice roaster and soon you will be making some great roasts!

Hi Bob,
Thank you for the welcome. I'm still playing around with roast time, and downloaded Mr/ Eddie Dove's kind contribution of roast profile and cupping of different origin beans. I'm still trying to figure out what "Bump and Dump" means, dump would be,. I guess, cooling. I did follow his Colombia Excelso to the dot, to 17:30mins, all temperatures converted to Celsius, house was smoking, someone called the fire department!

I live in a apartment, and saw the fireman knocking on my front door, asking me what was going on if there was a fire....."nope, roasting coffee beans, I do apologies for the trouble. " Grin i cut roast at 17mins instead.

One thing I got to say guys, it's really addictive! Roasted PNG, Sumantra Mandheling, Guatamala and Bali today. No fire department. And yes Bob, the Gene is a great roaster. ThumbsUp


Huge Welcome Marc!

We just happen to have a resident, top rated Gene expert (although he may deny it), and others with varying Gene experience who will probably throw you some tips shortly.


Hi Allen,
And thanks, yes, I saw Mr. Eddie Dove's blpg and writeup on the Gene Cafe,
and I'm going thru the profiles and trying to figure out what he's written, I'm very new to roasting to lots of terms I don't know of. Thanks again Allen for the welcome. :)

Best regards,



seedlings wrote:
Welcome, Marc! Any coffee trees nearby? I've always wondered if people in coffee-producing areas can just walk down to a coffee farm and buy a burlap bag.


Hi Chad,
How I wish I could and we had coffee here. I'm in Singapore, and it's a city state, Sands Casino, Universal theme park etc... I do get good prices for beans, being that we're near to Indonesia, but not in burlap bags, mine come in thick plastic bags, and I transfer over to a burlap bag, which I keep in my server room. ;) Yeah, my server room reeks of green coffee!

Best regards,

Hello Everyone!

New member, new roaster. My wife bought me a small roaster for my grill a couple of years ago. I came across it a couple weeks ago and decided to jump in.

Looking forward to sharing notes and experiences with all of you.

Howdy, Bruce! I hope you're prepared to fall off the earth into coffee-junkie oblivion. Happens to all of us...

Start a new thread with a picture of your setup!

Roaster: CoffeeAir II 2# DIY air roaster
Grinder: Vintage Grindmaster 500
Brewers: Vintage Cory DCU DCL, Aeropress, Press, Osaka Titanium pourover
Hi. My name is Leo Holmberg, and I just discovered today, and decided to join. I have been roasting for about 2 years now,
using a Hot TOP.

Welcome to the HRO Leo! Plenty of hottoppers here. Hope you enjoy yourself and post often. WELCOME !
Sean Harrington
Happy Day to All!

My name is Stan and I am from Lancaster, PA I have been roasting beans for about a year now. I use an RK Drum and air cool my beans.

Lately, the past month or so, I have been having problems with my beans having a burnt taste even though the beans have not even reached second crack. Anyone have any thoughts? Please help!

Welcome! Let's hear about the profile. What has changed? -Scott
Hi, All,

Glad to be here. I've only been roasting about 1.5 years. Started with a cast-iron pan, then a Whirly-Pop (awful, but I may try modifying the little 'vanes' and using the lid on a heavier pan), then settled on two Popcorn Pumpers. For the moment.

Have been spending a lot of time searching for something that affords more control over the process (which is how I arrived here). I will try to put up more information in the coming days, but I'd best get some work paying done today. (freelancing can be hell)




freshbeans wrote:
Welcome! Let's hear about the profile. What has changed? -Scott

The biggest change has been the ambient temperature when I am roasting. I roast in the garage so I am at the mercy of the weather. Being Winter, it has dropped to around fifty degrees in the garage. As for a profile the last batch was one pound of decaf Sumatra.

Preheat to 400
Add beans (drum and beans cold)
0 min - 360
1 min - 380
2 min - 380
3 min - 400
4 min to 8 min - around 410-415
9 min - 420
10 min - 420
First Crack 10:13 - 420
End of first crack 11:33 - 420
Pulled 12:30
Cooled to ambient temp in a minute (give or take a few seconds).

I did not hear any snaps of second crack. However, the final roast, by looks, appeared to be Vienna but hard to say because the decaf is always darker than actual roast. The taste is more like full city but has this woody burnt taste.

The burners were on low once the beans were added (3 burner grill) and the thermometer is the factory installed one. I also check temps with an infra-red through the rotisserie mount holes and they seem consistent with the grill's thermometer.

I roasted a regular Sumatra with almost an exact replica of this profile (except the drum was preheated) with similar results. The only exception was the final color and after four to five days rest the bean flavor overcame most of the burnt taste.
How much shorter is the summer roast?
Who knows, maybe a little space heater is all you need.
I'm Ken in Waynesville, NC.
I've been roasting with a WB Poppery for the last year or so, and have a HOTTOP Basic dash 2 (Latest & Greatest) coming FedEx tomorrow.

I brew with a Technivorm-Moccamaster and grind with a Baratza Virtuoso.

Been working with a Saeco Aroma, thrift shop for 15.00, and think the thermostats are bad, low temps. May not be worth the effort to replace them.
I made the pressure filter into a non-pressure filter by ripping out the guts.
Espresso isn't my first choice, but I like it.

I get green beans from my local roaster, and my 4 favorites are Brazilian, El Salvadorian, Tanzanian Peaberry, and Camaroonian.
I got some Sumatran Peaberry and Columbian from Sweet Marias last week.

Life is too short to drink bad coffee.

Edited by snwcmpr on 03/03/2011 5:09 PM
Welcome Ken!

I'm in northern Alabama but I love to visit your area when I can. I'd be curious to hear more about local roasters in your area. Marshall, one of our fellow HRO members, is over in Asheville.
Roasters in Waynesville:
There are 2, both good.
1) Panacea - - -
I spend a lot more time at Panacea. Brian has helped me get started in roasting and sells me green beans.

2) Smoky Mountain Roasters - - -
They have 2 locations, one on Hazelwood Ave is the roasting shop.

There is a unique coffee shop in Asheville.
Waking Life Espresso - - -
They do pour-overs, and use 60 grams per liter of water, and weigh the water, too.
Chemex, french press, and more, and they do espresso.
They are not a roaster, and purchase varying coffees.

Backwoods Roaster
"I wish I could taste as well as I wish I could roast."

As Abraham Lincoln said "Do not trust everything you read on the internet".
Hello - I'm Chris, hailing from DC. A longtime specialty coffee enthusiast but new to roasting, and am enjoying that there's so much to learn, so many different beans, and so many gadgets to play with. For my equipment, I am currently working through the Poppery/Variac canon. I brew by presspot (and probably always will) and gravitate toward WP Ethiopians and Costa Ricans. Long professional background in culinary management, married to a wonderful Francophile pastry chef who only drinks tea. No kids or pets. Thanks for a great organization and a great site, looking forward to many happy hours here.
Welcome cwfrit:

thanks for joining us. we are a small but mighty group of coffee warriors.

ask away and hopefully we can help you in this adventure fo yur...


Hello all

I've read the forums here for a while, figured I should say hello! I know a few of you from other forums already.

I've been roasting for a little over a year now. Started on a hottop, blew up a behmor and now use a HG/BM kit.

Hello to all. My name is Dan and I'm from the east side of Washington State. I have never roasted coffee before, but am building my own roaster out of an Popcorn popper and Arduino. About six months ago I was in Ethiopia and was introduced to hand roasting green beens and have been wanting to try it ever since. In Ethiopia they used a cast iron skillet and a really hot bed of coals.

Please show us pictures as you move along with your project. There is a lot of great info around here.

Thanks for joining and saying hello!

Welcome J:

Blowing up a behmor seems to be a habit, I did the same with one.

What happened to your Hot Top? Great roaster.

thanks for joinig us!

Big welcome J!

If it isn't too painful to recall I'd like to hear what happened to your Behmor.

1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
Well I'm stationed in Camp Liberty Baghdad right now, which is part of the larger Victory Base Complex (VBC for short).

Before the deployement, I was roasting on my Hottop, but didn't want to risk shipping it over here and breaking it. Good thing I didn't haha.

I got a refurbished Behmor from Joe at Chocolate Alchemy. He's a really great guy and has terrific customer service. I can't say enough him. Anyhow - the power over here is 220 volts and I have to run my roaster off of a 110v converter. Well, some of these converters have 2 outlets, and one is full on 220v. I goofed and plugged into it and the Behmor blew up on the spot. I didn't even power it on - it's just made a loud puff and shot sparks out. It's hard to get tools and parts here so I had to let it go to roaster heaven.

The plus side is I got turned onto the HG/BM kit which I now find fantastic. I am still working the kinks out a little. I have been getting early 2nd cracks due to my air temps being too high. I am learning to balance things out though and enjoying the best coffee in Baghdad:-)

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