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05/23/2022 10:46 AM
abiy welcome cup

05/18/2022 6:13 AM
gnosis coffee roasters and Terry Hauser, welcome !

05/15/2022 7:00 PM
lsawade welcome Welcome

05/15/2022 9:13 AM
Welcome, Pinofly and Alex008

05/12/2022 7:47 PM
CafficitoeTim and pmf2000 Welcome! Welcome

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Any Behmor owners out there?
Hi, My name is Mark and I just got a Behmor 1600 from Sweet Marias.

I've done 4 batches and have been having a BLAST!

Anyone with some Behmor roasting tips?


So many coffees not enough money Shock
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I've owned a Behmor now for about 6-8 months. Been home roasting for over 12 years. I enjoy the simplicity with some "flexability with the Behmor." It's a nice drum roaster for a resonable price that will do up to a #. I usually do .75# at a time and treat it like a full # and shut down as needed through the roast. There is a Behmor roast profile thread on this site and many other helpful threads on other sites including Coffee Geek and GCBC. I actually have a few other roasters and the Behmor gets my small batches and specialty coffee from the stash. It's like anything else, try it, experiment, and the more you do the better you'll get. Do some searching on the many sites and holler with any specific questions you might have. You have several experienced Behmor roasters on this site. HAVR FUN, Jim
"How we treat our children determines who we are!"
I use a Behmor and enjoy the delicious coffeeGrin
May the Force be with your cup
Thanks guys...

I've been roasting a few batches and thus far the coffee has been :Clap:

I've even stepped out a bit and roasted NOT using the P1 profile...I was a bit nervous but the roast turned out great.

This is so much fun!

Have a good one!

My primary roaster is a Behmor 1600 so far I have about 30 roasts using this roaster. So far my best results have come roasting 1/2# at a time, although I also like roasting 3/4# using the 1# settings. Most of my roasts have been using P1, but I have recently started using P2 from time to time to somewhat slow down the time to 1C. Just wondering, has anyone here ever experimented with tilting the roaster either forward or backward to move the bean mass either farther from or closer to the heating elements? It seems that if I would tilt the roaster back that the beans would be closer to the heat and might allow for a faster roast (similar to a hot air roaster like the Poppery). Also, tilting the roaster forward during first crack may lengthen the time to 2C theoretically. I know the profiles will allow some flexibility on this issue, but I am wondering if tilting might allow even more flexibility.
William Sikes
I have owned my Behmor for about a year now and it's a great roaster. I have had to improvise to get darker roasts. When I roast a lb of coffee in it, I measure in 12 oz and that gives it some room to finish the profile.

I would recommend P3 as a very good profile. I roast decaf, Kona and Indonesian coffee's at this setting. I have also done a double roast scenario with it where I start with a P4...then let the beans sit and come back later and do a P3 do have to watch 2C (second crack) very closely since going past 10 secs of 2C will void your Behmor warranty.

Get some Simple Green and keep it clean and wipe it down and do a cleaning roast with just the drum and chaff collector every 5'th roast. Also, keep the sensor wiped down with simple will keep the Behmor functioning well for a long time.

P1 and P2 I use for Espresso Beans
P3 for Island Beans and its my most used profile
P4 for more gentle heat roasting
P5...have never used it..I have heard reports of it "baking" bean and I doubt the beans will even get to 1C with this setting.

Try my double roast will help you achieve a darker roast as well.

You CANNOT due Italian or French Roasts with this machine.

Hope this helps! :):smileycoffee:
The Greenest Bean, The Freshest Roast!
The Behmor is a great roaster; I had one for about 10 months.

I could not get the degree of roast I wanted with the Behmor.

It easy to use, simply to clean up and there is not as much smoke as with a few other roasters.

We have a lot of Behmor users around here so ask away.

I'm on my 2nd Behmor-the first one was taken out by lightning, along with a brand new Barista grinder. The 1rst one worked much better than the 1rst, and would roast 15oz after a 90 sec. preheat. Both of them developed problems-the drum would randomly stop, burning a load of beans. Various error codes would pop up occasionally on both. Finally, the profiles were mostly a waste of time, as P1 was the only setting really practical in my experience. I am in the process of building a 5# BBQ-grill type of roaster-we'll see! BTW, my line voltage runs around 120-122 v.
Edited by JimmyC on 12/27/2011 11:04 PM
BTW, I just tried a couple of loads with the roaster tilted back-it worked great! Cuts the roast time by 3min, and/or enables me to roast 13 oz vs 10 oz.!:)
Looks like these techniques might add some flexibility to the Behmor for stretching or shrinking 1C to finish.

Be careful of over-tilting towards the elements as you risk igniting chaff if many of them end up falling on the tubes.

I'm all ears on Behmor tips as Santa dropped one off to my house on Christmas Eve.

1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana


JimmyC wrote:
BTW, I just tried a couple of loads with the roaster tilted back-it worked great! Cuts the roast time by 3min, and/or enables me to roast 13 oz vs 10 oz.!:)

That's good info, Jimmy. I had been wondering if it would actually get the beans too close to the elements. How high did you lift the front of the roaster?
William Sikes
I'm thinking that theoritically a person could lift the front until 1C and then lift the rear to lengthen the time between 1C and 2C.
William Sikes
I just put a 2x4 under mine. I think you could manipulate the times a bit, as you mentioned. Not quite a 60kg Probat, but getting closer............
Hello everybody,
Thanks for posting the tip about tilting the Behmor back toward the heating element. I hope the Behmor DESIGNER uses this information to improve the performance of their roaster. I guess I may not be selling it after all.
I have been roasting for about a year now all on the Behmor, so I have no basis for comparison. I have found that P1 and P2 are the best as I haven't had much luck with P3-5. I've tried all my standard origins (Ethiopia, Kenya, Sumatra, Guatemala) and a Kona once. The kona was OK, but it was much better every other time I played with it on other programs.

I'm excited to play with the tilting to see if I can get the more gradual curves to work better.

I'm really interested in installing a thermometer so I can graph my profiles, but I'm concerned that I won't get a bean mass reading (due to the obvious rotating and inability to snake the wires into the basket). What success/waste of time stories do people have? I've read that placing the thermocouplers right near the sensor is the best, but I'm more interested in bean temp than roaster temp.
Edited by bdwiggity on 02/10/2012 11:49 AM
Great tips to know - just got my Behmor in January after using an Iroast2 for almost 5 years. What a difference. THanks for the tips.
Hello all. I am fairly new to roasting and have been starting to get the hang of the original Poppery. I am interested in getting an intermediate roaster that has a fair price and can hold at least a half pound of beans...and one that is not so messy. I roast indoors at my apartment because I have no access to a backyard or garage.

I think the Behmor 1600 might be for me. I would like to get some feedback from Behmor 1600 users, possibly ones who have upgraded from the Popper. Is this a good "next step" after the West Bend Poppery 1? I'm hoping maybe I can get the Behmor for Christmas....
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