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Check out this find
Unfortunately, I wasn't the one that found it....

My buddy owns a coffee shop and plans on putting this out front of his shop mainly to provide the smell of roasting coffee.
I remember seeing some information on how a solid drum differs from the perforated drums. There are no thermometers on this thing. I think it's modding time.

That chassis is galvanized steel. With the solid copper drum is that an issue at all?
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Go to your buddy's shop and VIDEO that thing! I wanna see beans load and dump and everything else that bad boy does! Galvanized is OK - just keep it from direct contact with the beans, and below welding temperatures.

What a find. $30? Are you kidding? The copper drum is worth more!

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Will do! He's never roasted a bean in his life and got it mainly to help attract business with the smell of roasting coffee out front. I'm going to try to help him get a probe in that drum to help facilitate an easier learning curve.
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Offer to buy it from him as the smoke produced from such a roaster may set off the detectors

This design is mainly for farm house roasting but does a great job

This one available in Australia

I home roast and I like it. Designer of the KKTO
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