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Affogato with chocolate on the side
OK, so a popular coffee desert around here ever since I got a cheap espresso machine for Christmas has been affogatos.
Get a large cappuccino cup
Put a small scoop of very cold, very rich vanilla ice cream in the bowl
Pull a double shot of espresso straight onto the ice cream.

If you get the proportions right you should have basically a sweet vanilla flavored latte with a nice cold nugget of ice cream in it. It's good when you're in a hurry and don't want to steam milk.

And as if that's not enough, we've been making our own chocolate coffee bars to go with it -
Take several ounces of fine dark chocolate (~70% is best). Bash it into little pieces and put it in a bowl
Nuke the chocolate for ~30 seconds at a time, stirring in between, until most but not all of the chocolate is melted.
Continue stirring the chocolate until all the lumps have melted in and the temperature has cooled to well below body temperature (~80 degF?).
Bash up some of your favorite coffee beans. I find darker roasts work better typically. The goal is something a bit coarser than a french press grind.
Stir the coffee into the chocolate.
Pour the mixture into molds of some sort. We use the very bottom of small loaf pans to make a bar shape.
Sprinkle some whole beans on top for effect.
Put in the fridge to cool for a few hours.

The melting and cooling process is important if you want it to get a nice sheen. Look up "tempering chocolate" for more info. Most fun with a partner in crime. That way one of you can be melting chocolate while the other one bashes the coffee beans. And you inevitably get some coffee on you, which can lead to the fun of licking it off of each other, if you're both into such things ;)

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