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Fluidizing with an orbit sander?
Just wondering if anyone's tried it. I know vibration is used in a lot of processes to boost fluidizing, so I'm wondering what it would take to do that with beans.

I reckon an orbit sander'd be a bit on the light side, but some kind of eccentric on a strong motor might do the trick.

For really low volumes, just duct-tape your pager to the chamber and set it to vibrate? ;-)

First post, I think. Some good threads here.
Could be an interesting experiment. I can think of several "it won't work because ----", but that kind of thinking never holds up. Setting up some kind of a prototype to test the idea would be interesting. You would want some air flow as the heat transfer medium.

I have two large inductrial vibrators. One electro/magnetic the other pneumatic. They would both get beans moving and agitated, but I don't if they'd get them airborne or not. I could see a heat gun pointed into a vibratory bowl working as a hands free heat gun dog bowl (HGDB) method. Dan
I'd wonder if it could be taken beyond aiming heat from above at a bed of agitating beans. I'd think heat from a screen below might work. If you get a chance?

(ever foisting my wonderments on others in the hope they'll do the legwork in my stead ;-)
I dont know about vibrations, I remember one incident where one of my guys who worked for me, decided to use the ultra sonic cleaner to do his uniforms. Worked great except after about 10 minutes, the vibrations pretty much made brittle and essentially dissolved his buttons on the shirts. s:8 That was almost as funny as the moron who decided to use a large spoon and a drill press, to stir a can of phosphorescent paint, can got hooked and paint everywhere.

anyways, it might cause problems with busting up / chipping the beans.

another thing to keep in mind, I seen a comment on putting something off center or eccentric on the shaft of a motor to give a vibration. This might raise all kinds of problems with the bearings on the motor, and you might want to make sure you universal bearing in there, both axial and radial thrust to handle that or you can run into problems down the road a bit.

again, just some comments.

Earlier on I experimented using something similar, a vibratory shell casing cleaner.
Just strapped my popper to a platform bolted on top.
It was very noisy!:(

This was to try to increase batch size, and it did not seem to help all that much.

I began to worry that the vibrations would shorten the life of the heater coil.s:3

Only did one roast, it was way too noisy to hear cracks. s:7

Hope this helps,

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