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What are the best scales?
Right Lane
Have used http://www.amazon...ital+scale for more than two years and recommend it highly. Available from Amazon for $11 and free shipping. Only downside for you is the 100g limit - just under 4oz.
I shoot airgun pellets and the scales needed to sort them have to be within ?0.1 grain (.006 gram) so scales for espresso shots seem pretty crude, to me.

Check out: http://www.balanc... Anything that is ? .01 or ?0.05 gram should be just fine for measuring 17 gram shots. If you want something for roasting and blending, then ?2 gram with a 1 or 2 kilo limit should be good, too.
Any suggestions for commercially certified scales to weigh out coffee for retail?


the above link will let you find tos-o-scales, this is the only place I have found that has an extensive line of scales spanning all price ranges. some come with weights, which is always good since they can cost extra, all of mine are both power an battery...

they always have sale items.

when I have called, only once over the years, they are very helpful and stand behind their products.


Precision vs. accuracy? Use two different digital scales. One a "jeweler's" scale, the other a "food" scale. They read more or less are within 0.1grams of each other. Issue is the scale precision. Weighing a set mass the food scale can vary +/- 0.1 grams. Personally for weighing out greens for roasting the food scale is accurate and precise enough. It's a $15.22 generic scale(SmartWeight CSB2KG) from Amazon.

Question is how accurate and precise does a scale need to be for home roasters?
I know it's an old, old thread, but I find it interesting.

I have always used an old balance for weighing out my coffee. The cheap digital scales all seem to have a problem with re-adjusting the tare when you add just a few beans.

My "MyWeigh" balance cost $10.00 used, and I set it to the weight I commonly roast and just dump beans into the container until the scale balances. It is always exactly accurate. Lately I have been roasting 150 gm at a time because I am experimenting with different roast curves. I just walk up and put the beans on the scale until it balances. It even has a tare adjustment, so I just use the exact same plastic 2-cup container every time. It is accurate enough that I can bring it into balance by just dropping one more single bean into the cup.

But it is about 15" long and 6" wide...it takes up a bit of space. But no batteries necessary!


Tavake12 wrote:
I have always used an old balance for weighing out my coffee. The cheap digital scales all seem to have a problem with re-adjusting the tare when you add just a few beans.

I have found this to be a problem with electronic scales of all prices that use strain gauge technology. Drift is a big problem with strain gauges, which by itself can cause the tare to change. So scales based on strain gauges use drift correction, and small changes in weight are detected as drift, which also causes the tare to change if the small change in weight is due to weight being slowly added.
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Drift is no problem at all with my cheap little triple-beam scale.
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