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Trip to Costa Rica
I just got back from an amazing cruise. I went to Panama, Costa Rica and Belize. In Costa Rica I toured a coffee farm and saw how coffee was grown, processed, roasted and had a demonstration on cupping. This was one of my highlights of my trip. I tasted a cherry and everything. I even brought back some green beans. I also bought some roasted beans in Belize. I didn't even know they grew coffee there but they did. I just got back so I haven't roasted any of the Costa Rican yet or tried the Belize but I will let you know my thoughts when I have.
Jim Lyon
Jim's Coffee Beans
I'm daydreaming right now as if I went.... someday, maybe...

So now your retirement plans include the purchase of a small coffee farm and dual citizenship in Costa Rica?

Thanks for the story, Jim!

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I dream of Central America also --- SOMEDAY
May the Force be with your cup
That sounds like a great vacation.

BTW, what did the coffee cherry taste like?
It was sweet almost like a regular cherry. The coffee beans had musalage on them but when they dried they came off. I have beans in all stages through roasting.
Jim Lyon
Jim's Coffee Beans
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