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so i've heard all kinds of things about chaff. i heard of a roaster that used it for chicken bedding, one that gave it to farmers for composting on their fields. i heard that starbucks pulverizes it and makes frappuccino powder from it. i heard that there's a hot drink in Yemen culture that uses just the chaff and not the bean. do you guys know anything about my chaff rumors, and do you have any of your own?
John Despres
I compost mine, mostly because I think that's all it's good for. If I had chickens, I might use it for beds.

I've tried brewing and making tea with it and it's quite flavorless, so I don't know how Starbucks can get anything out of it.

Yemen Qishr tea is very good, but it's made from the husks and not the chaff. Sweet Maria's has it for sale. http://www.sweetm....yemen.php

Respect the bean.
John Despres
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Hey, tortillatree, great first post!!

Haven't given chaff much thought, except to (i) sweep or vacuum it up after roasting, or (ii) remind me of ancient references to wheat and chaff, and that I don't want to be chaff. I'd rather be coffee... I think.

David G
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I read in Ken Davids' book that chaff is flavorless. Mine gets swept out to the yard and either taken by birds or blown away.

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