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Do I need a variac for the heat gun?
I just had another heat gun bite the dust last night. First one lasted a year; this one lasted a couple of months. It's got 12 settings, but in application I only use the six high settings. It gives me decent control over the roast profile. Would a variac increase the life of heat gun? Could I get a basic 1500 watt gun and use the variac to control intensity of the heat?
Frankly I do not see why not basically it's a dimmer switch!!

Guess my question would be would you rather have a different roaster or buy a variac??

They are not cheap; you may benefit from a different type of roaster especially if you are blowing up heat guns. How much will you save by cranking down a bit on the heat v. another method of roasting?

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buy a better heat gun, a varac isn't going to stop one from burning out.
if you roast on a regular schedule your more than likely using the gun way more than it was designed for.
I would find out what is burning out in the gun, if its the thermal control you might want to install a higher rated one or remove it completely.

P.S. buy a good Millwauke gun, instead of one from harbor junk
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