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Joebella Coffee Roaster
While I'm on the subject of good roasters, there's another that bears mention. Even though I live in Ohio (try Boston Stoker if you ever get to the Dayton area) my company is in central California. Whenever I go out there one of my must visits is Joebella Coffee in Atascadero. This place is what I would want if I ever fulfill the dream of having my own place.

They really know how to roast and cup coffee. No drip coffee - they use pour overs. And the espresso I have had there has been amazing.

Check them out if you ever get out there.

Thanks for the heads-up on Boston Stoker. I had no idea of the coffee passion in Dayton (just a hop/skip/jump from where I am in Columbus). Their website references cuppings and roasting demos. Are they any good?

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I am planning a trip to Southern Ohio I will try to arrange to stop there and try some
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