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12/02/2021 6:47 AM
tahoeguy and sanakashyap220, coffee drink

12/01/2021 12:48 PM
Hey Ren, thanks for checking all the newcomers in!. You beat me to it most of the time but I am checking often. Grin

12/01/2021 6:16 AM
PGS_QLD, welcome !

11/29/2021 9:33 AM
Welcome, Andyc, coffeeswings and chuckster!

11/25/2021 1:17 AM
RJ30, JackedUp and CapnWhidbey, Welcome !

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Funny (strange?) Roasting Story Time
I was doing my weekend roasting (Bali Blue Moon to FC on my Hottop) something I have been doing for about 3 years now. I roast in my garage and when I roast during the warmer months I have the garage door up about a foot, and the rear entry door open to get a breeze through the garage.

I had just ejected the beans and walked into the house, when apparently my neighbor (who has benefited from my roasts a couple of times) walked by. He "smelt something funny and heard a hissing noise." So what does he do? Rather than knock on the door to tell me, he calls the authorities. Yup. Seriously!

The police come aknocking and I explain my hobby ... "sorry officer it's the caffeine talking."

My neighbor has been over no less than 3 times to apologize. No worries I say. If my house is lit up I would appreciate a call to 911.

But why no knock at the door until Friday shows up to get the facts? And, if fire is suspected why no fire equipment? So many unanswered questions.

The Bali was wonderful by the way.
Great story. I've roasted before, the had to go somewhere unplanned... often wondered if anyone would comment on the funny smoky smell I have on me.

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Seems odd (or rather sad) that he feels comfortable enough to accept the occasional roast from you...but not enough to find out from you what was going on instead of calling the police.

I could understand if he thought it was a gas leak/fire AND he presumed no one was home...but it sounds like it was pretty obvious that you were why did the cops, and not the fire fighters, show up? Sounds like he thought you were 'cooking' something else besides beans....

Maybe his next gift bag of roasted beans should have 'uncontrolled substance' written on it.....sorry bad joke.....

Glad that Bali turned out well. How did you roast it? I have a little floating around in my stash and need some roasting inspiration....
Koffee Kosmo
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ERRR change that - Coffee Barron
Remind' s me of Cheech & Chong

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That's funny stuff!
Although it's funny now, it was not funny when I got shut down in the Village of Geneseo Ny.
...Left the country home and moved to the village. Unknown to me, people of the village had become curious about this 'smell'....
Long story shortened; Villagers call the D.E.C. 6 month
investigation fails to discover my clandestine lab.
The case was broken when the local cop was having a conversation with my neighbor at a BBQ. ...mentioned this 'smell' investigation.
D.E.C payed a visit, decided this wasn't their problem, but the village shut me down as an annoyance.
Forced to move the whole thing into the warehouse in the city.

The nagging question; How bad did my coffee smell?

freshbeans - your coffee probably smelled wonderful. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY. I lived in Cobble Hill....not too far from D'Amico coffee roasters. i used to love when the aroma of roasted coffee would waft up from Carroll Gardens...yum!

Some people are just um...anal retentive. They want everything sterile and odorless. Suburbs and 'villages' can become havens for these sorts - since both cities and farmland are too 'smelly' and dirty. Not saying that all suburbanite are this way...just that sometimes they attract these types.

Sounds like you simply were in the wrong place at the wrong time!

So now we have two 'coffee barons' here. Now the two of you will have to start some sort of turf war....
Funny, I don't feel like a baron.

By the way, my neighbor is actually a pretty decent guy. He said he didn't think anyone was at home, but I still don't know why he didn't knock.

I don't find the smell of roasting coffee in the least offensive. And with a Hottop it's not like I'm roasting massive quantities.

Funny stuff though. I'm headed out to the garage to stink up the neighborhood again. Wish me luck.

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