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Hi Everyone!
I finally signed up here! I have been reading posts here for a while now and felt I really needed to get in the "in-crowd". I am a 57-yo electronics and firmware design engineer, married, with 2 sons. I live in Michigan in a small town between Ann Arbor and Lansing. I am hugely into music of all kinds and play keys for our church worship team. My absolute favorite instrument is the Hammond B-3 organ. I also love kayaking and prefer lakes over whitewater stuff.

I have never roasted coffee before, but I KNOW I want to. Just a few months back I got my first taste of fresh roasted coffee and like they say, once bitten ... there's no going back. So in the mean time until I get my first roasting rig, I scout around to find those little known places that sell fresh roasted beans. In fact, I find I am actually drinking less coffee outside my home since most of it out there is not fresh. Great thanks to Craig at Grand Rapids Coffee for turning me on to this site and being a major source for my coffee.

My dream is to find someone who got into roasting and for some reason is getting out and wants to sell there Gene Cafe at half price. ... OK, I'm awake now. I am the kind of guy who ultimately would LOVE to build my own coffee roaster, but I probably don't have enough metalworking experience to achieve that.

Anyway, looking forward to meeting you folks!

John Despres
Welcome, Louca!

Craig just walked out of my gallery 3 minutes ago! Where in MI are you? I'm in Grand Rapids as evidenced by being a neighbor of Craig's.

There are a lot of ways to get started and you can count on lots of support here at HRO. Why not build a roaster?

Keep your Leslie turning on that Hammond B3.

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Respect the bean.
John Despres
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Welcome Louca,
Don't wait for anyone to get out of roasting coffee. They won't.
Not to worry...lots of support here. You'll be doing great things in no time at all. -Scott

Another 'mitten troll' has arrived
Welcome from one newbie to another! Grin

I am still fairly new to roasting, and I love it very much. I do recommend starting simple - like with a popcorn popper. Although many people say it is best to start with a poppery 2, I have heard that Walgreen's carries one that works really well for only $10.

Wow, what is with all the Michigander's? My wife is from the Lansing area, and it seems every other friend we have is from somewhere up there.
Wow, what a nice welcome!

John, I almost met you last weekend. I was there to pick some coffee at Craig's while I was in town. We had just pulled up in our vehicle and it was raining pretty hard. You had just walked out to your car and got something while we were waiting for the rain to slow a little. I knew it was you - the hat gave it away! You went back in and after hanging out at Craig's open house, I forgot to stop in at your place. Next time. I live in Pinckney but we get out to Grand Rapids every few weeks or so to see the boys. One is an editor and the other is at GVSU. Full truth be told, I do not own a Hammond B-3 but rather a clone called a CX-3. I DO however run it into a real Leslie and I will indeed keep it spinning (just gave it the annual oiling last week).

Scott and stoneguard, thanks for the support. You are probably correct in that most people who have a roaster are not in any hurry to get rid of them. My problem is I like good equipment and sometimes the entry level stuff is more frustrating than it's worth.

Again thanks for the warm welcome!

Koffee Kosmo
Welcome Louca

As a novice I recommend
1]heat gun and a
2]stainless steel bowl
3] a whisk to stir the beans

Its not rocket science

Enjoy the journey

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John Despres
Oh, you've seen my hat? Pretty funny that's how you recognized me. My hat is more famous than I am. Be sure to say hi next time you visit Craig.

Respect the bean.
John Despres
Fresh Roast 8, Gene Cafe, JYTT 1k, Quest M3, Mazzer Mini, Technivorm, various size presses and many more brewers.
Hi Louca and welcome to the forum. We love new roasters. There is tons-o-help here and each of us will tell you something different!! Sound like fun? Join in get something to roast with and onward. I think Kosmo has a great idea.

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