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Cupping results for August/September -
The RESULTS ARE coming IN for our August/September Cupping.

The Winner, the cupper/member with the highest total from all entered will receive a Pound of Greens and a wonderful set of
Bodum Pavina Double Wall Thermo-Glass espresso cups/taster cups...

Thank You, each of you for participating in this wonderful challenge!

Your HRO Team

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Everything was very close, though randy's samples stood out in my mouth.Though all the samples had endearing qualities. 2nd and 3rd were virtual ties, well second was a tie but you get the idea.

Randy- the Berries and Brightness were delightful. Love to hear more about your profile. 33pts
Rama -30
John D/Allen tied for third- 29
Ginny -26
scott/sean The extreme team!-24
I think the numbers are arbitrary really due to no experience with this form.. Its more of a relative assessment than an actual score. Only because of my personal experience.
Sean Harrington
Here are my scores:

John 33
Randy 33
Sean 31
Allen 29
Rama 27
Chad 26
Ginny 26
Scott 25

This was completely blind, my daughter numbered them, and I had numbered name cards in the closet, not pulled out until I finished.

It was hard to do with 8 cups at a time
I also had a lot of trouble with the acidity and body categories, and tended to give higher scores there to the coffees that I liked better.

I'm not sure if I'll be getting to sleep tonight or not. I decided with only 8 samples I wouldn't worry about the spitoon but I might pay for it.

I was amazed at how close most of these roasts cupped. I expected a much wider variance between them.

And the winner is.....Shock

Randy 22
Rama 21
John 19
Chad 18
Allen 17
Ginny 16
Sean 16
Scott 15

I agree with Randy that judging acidity and body with differing roast levels is very difficult. Especially with a coffee that doesn't normally have a lot of acidity to begin with.

1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
Cross posting this here at Ginny's request...

I'm guessing by my lower scores that Randy's form included 'flavor' twice on purpose. If so, just double my 'flavor' score to standardize these.

randy t. 20
roast: city+, multiple quakers
fragrance: 0 (distillate)
aroma: 0
flavor: 7
body: 6
after taste: 7

rama r. 18
roast: city+
fragrance: 1
aroma: 0
flavor: 7
body: 5
after taste: 5

john d. 17
roast: city+/FC
fragrance: 1
aroma: 1 (seal a meal helped!)
flavor: 6
body: 4
after taste: 5

sean h. 16
roast: barely city
fragrance: 1 floral
aroma: 1
flavor: 5 too bright
body: 3
after taste: 6

ginny p. 16
roast: full city
fragrance: 1
aroma: 0
flavor: 4
body: 6
after taste: 5

allen b. 14
roast: city+
fragrance: 1
aroma: 1
flavor: 4 oxidized
body: 3
after taste: 5

chad b. 13
roast: city+/FC
fragrance: 0
aroma: 0
flavor: 3 oxidized
body: 6
after taste: 4

scott w. 10
roast: into 2nd crack, oily
fragrance: 0
aroma: 0
flavor: 2
body: 6
after taste: 2

Randy took the prize with me as well, despite the fact there were 2 beans I'd have labeled borderline "quakers" and culled. I wonder if he would have scored higher or lower had those beans been removed... time to try a taste-off between a culled and non-culled batch. Smile

If its not obvious, I have a strong bias towards lighter roasts- so personal preferences has weighed heavily in my scoring. I thought Sean's would be undrinkable, but found it quite enjoyable as it cooled! Some of the darker roasts started out tasty for me, but as they cooled, they just tasted burnt.
John Despres
I did not judge acidity nor did I vote flavor twice...

I have two ties in the initial cupping

Rankings according to my taste buds:

25 - Rama - Loved the chocolate cherries!
23 - Allen and Ginny
21 - CHAD
20 - Sean
17 - Randy and Scott
16 - John

Second round tasting was different. On a 1 to 10 scale, I tatsed them all again after cooling a bit more:

8 - Sean
7 - John
6 - Rama, Allen and Ginny
5 - CHAD and Randy
4 - Scott

Respect the bean.
John Despres
Fresh Roast 8, Gene Cafe, JYTT 1k, Quest M3, Mazzer Mini, Technivorm, various size presses and many more brewers.
B, D, G & H (2) had similarly nice fragrance on break crust, a juicy berry note, E (1.5) added a lemon or sourness to the berry that I found less appealing, A (1) was a general plesant aroma, nothing off-putting, while F(0.5) had characteristic dark roast aroma, and C(0) added a campfire/burning leaves smokiness.

G and H (2.5) had a nice floral and berry, while D and B (2) lost the floral, E (1.5) had that sourness, while A (1) was plesant, but not distinct, and roast aromas overtook F (0.5) and C (0).

With this coffee the aromas were more pronounced than the tasting flavors. B and H (7) had berry and molases, best balance, and H added some nice florals, while B had good toffee. G (6.5) was just behind with fainter berry, praliene and earth, A, D, E & F (5) didn't necessarily taste the same, but didn't stand out like those with higher scores. A had black tea and almost berry, D had some dark molases and almost berry, E was very different with tart apple and earth, F had baker's cocoa and faint berry. The extra smokiness of C (4) didn't represent the coffee.

H (8) took the cake with the best mouthfeel and full-flavor & sweetness. B (7) was also very nice, not quite as sweet. C, E & G (6) had different flavors, equally interesting mouthfeel. D & F (6) had nice body, while, A (4.5) was a little thin/flat.

None of the coffees had what I'd call great aftertaste. A, G, H (6) were OK. B & D (5.5) slightly less lingering, while E (5) was tart, F (4.5) dark and C (4) campfire smoke.

I also looked at acidity, scored H (7) highest with tangy ripe berry, D, A, G & H (6) plesant, B & E (5) more tart, and C & F (4) almost none.

Final Scores:

Just sipped all the cold cups and liked B and H the best, so I'm not going to correct anything.

Now for the decoding, and the suprises!
A seedlings CHAD
B Unta Sean
C freshbeans Scott
D allenb Allen
E Rama
F Ginny
G John Despres
H randytsuch Randy

Well, all I can say is my coffee tastes and places similar to the last roast exchange. And I used two different roasters. Hmmm....???

Well done Randy, Sean and John!


*edit, I just read that Acidity should have been counted... if that were the case the scores should read:
23.0 CHAD
28.5 Sean
18.0 Scott
25.5 Allen
24.0 Rama
19.5 Ginny
29.0 John
32.5 Randy
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Roaster: CoffeeAir II 2# DIY air roaster
Grinder: Vintage Grindmaster 500
Brewers: Vintage Cory DCU DCL, Aeropress, Press, Osaka Titanium pourover
Here's my newbie-cupper take on things;
By Ranking ----Fragrance--Aroma--Flavor--Acidity--Body--Aftertaste

Rama 29 --------------2 ---------2------- 7----- 8--------5---------5
Randy 28--------------2-----------1-------7------7--------6---------5
John 24---------------1----------1--------6------5--------6---------5
Allen 24------------- 2------------1------- 6------4-------6--------5
Ginny 23--------------2----------2---------5-------7-------5--------5
Chad 22--------------2-----------1--------- 5------4-------5--------5
Scott 18--------------1-----------0---------3-------2-------7---------5

This really was a blast, I'm looking forward to tying profiles to what was tasted. Again, my apologies to Sean for sucking down his offering as espresso. -Scott
All I can say is WOW times 100...

this was a very close cupping for me. I have said before that I have only cupped
3 times before so I am no expert.

These are in order of my palate.

Randy 32
Scott 30
Rama 29
John 27
Chad 24
Allen 22

I found this very interesting because I was thinking my taste would be about the same as my early on smell of the fresh roasted. NOT true in each case.

I cannot wait to do this again. Having each of you send your roasted beans to cup is absolutely wonderful and it does make me humble.
I was amazed at the beans Sean sent to me; I though they would not register at all in the cup. When I took them out this afternoon and ground them, the smell was wonderful!!

Thank you each for participating.

Will someone add up the totals for me. I cannot do it for the obvious reasons.

ginnyShock:BigHug: to all
Edited by ginny on 09/26/2010 7:51 PM
randy 33 20 17 22 28 32.5 32 33- 217.5
rama 27 18 25 21 29 24 29 30- 203
john 33 17 16 19 24 29 27 29- 194
allen 29 14 23 17 24 25.5 22 29- 183.5
scott 25 10 17 15 18 18 30 24- 157
chad 26 13 21 18 22 23 24 27- 174
ginny 26 16 23 16 23 19.5 26- 149.5
sean 31 16 20 16 28.5 25 24- 160.5

randy 217.5
rama 203
john 194
allen 183.5
chad 174
sean 160.5
scott 157
ginny 149.5
Both sean and ginny have one missing score.
please double check.
Sean Harrington
Randy 33+33+22+20+17+32.5+28+32 = 217.5/8= 27.2
Rama 30+27+21+18+25+24+29+29 = 203/8= 25.4
John 29+33+19+17+16+29+24+27 = 194/8= 24.3
Sean 24+31+16+16+20+28.5+__+25 = 160.5/7= 22.9
Allen 29+29+17+14+23+25.5+24+22 = 183.5/8= 22.9
Scott 24+25+15+10+17+18+18+30 = 157/8= 19.6
CHAD 27+26+18+13+21+23+22+24 = 174/8= 21.8
Ginny 26+26+16+16+23+19.5+23+__ = 149.5/7 = 21.4

Someone check my math, but I get
27.2 Randy
25.4 Rama
24.3 John
22.7 T Sean, Allen
21.8 CHAD
21.4 Ginny
19.6 Scott

Edited by seedlings on 09/26/2010 8:20 PM
Roaster: CoffeeAir II 2# DIY air roaster
Grinder: Vintage Grindmaster 500
Brewers: Vintage Cory DCU DCL, Aeropress, Press, Osaka Titanium pourover
OK, here are my totals
Randy 217.5
Rama 203
John 194
Allen 183.5
Sean 183.4285714
Chad 174
Ginny 170.8571429
Scott 157

For John, I used his first set of numbers, since I did not know how to normalize his 2nd set.
For Rama, I did not add in flavor twice, I just used the numbers he posted.
Sean and Ginny's number look funny because each was missing a sample, so I took the average of their 7 numbers, and just added that to their total, so they would have 8 numbers in their total.

Finally, I feel funny declaring myself the winner, so I would appreciate if someone could tally the numbers.
Since there are a few "problems" you can either do it how I did, or come up with your own method, I am pretty sure it won't make much difference how you do it.

In the future, see if you can figure out how to do blind cupping.
I put all of my beans in the same type of ziplock, and taped your name to the bag. Then, I had my daugter number the bags and tags, then seperate the tags, which I threw into the closet until I finished cupping.
When I cupped, I put a piece of tape with the number on the yogurt cup I ground into ( and which I weighed, yes I am anal). The tape moved to the cup, so I would not get mixed up.

Here is the spreadsheet I came up with to tally the results, but I think the formatting will get messed up.
Randy Ramy John Allen Chad Ginny Scott Sean
Sean/Unta 33 30 29 29 27 26 24 24
Randy 33 27 33 29 26 26 25 31
Allen 22 21 19 17 18 16 15 16
Rama 20 18 17 14 13 16 10 16
John 17 25 16 23 21 23 17 20
Chad 32.5 24 29 25.5 23 19.5 18 28.5
Scott 28 29 24 24 22 23 18 22.92857143
Ginny 32 29 27 22 24 21.35714286 30 25

Total 217.5 203 194 183.5 174 170.8571429 157 183.4285714

randy 217.5 27.2
rama 203 25.4
john 194 24.3
allen 183.5 22.9
scott 157 19.6
chad 174 21.8
ginny 149.5 21.4
sean 160.5 22.9
Sean Harrington
way to go randy

Randy is the clear winner here.

Please post all comments in the other thread.


Your HRO Team
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John Despres
Respect the bean.
John Despres
Fresh Roast 8, Gene Cafe, JYTT 1k, Quest M3, Mazzer Mini, Technivorm, various size presses and many more brewers.
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