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Anyone in or Near SC?
Ok, anyone near SC? I am in Columbia, so am about 2 hours from everywhere( well, everywhere within two hours, anyway). I would love to meet up with someone and just look at some of the ideas and roasting techniques others are using. Charlotte and Atlanta are both within reach and I tend to travel to NC on weekends, like I will be in Asheville at the end of the month. My other hobby (I am a historical fencer) keeps me traveling sometimes.
I'm in Atlanta, but never seem to be able to make one of the groups when it comes around. If you wanna spearhead one, I'd definitely be interested in coming:)
Awesome! I may just do that. I will look more into what all we need to get this started!
Last I heard, this was the guy organizing the Atl groups:
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This is a old post, but I will reply anyway. I am in Columbia on Fort Jackson???

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An old post, but I will reply too.
There is a home roasting workshop set to start in Greenville, SC

Ken in NC
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A very old post here, but I will reply too. I am an international graduate student here in USC. Columbia, SC. I just start looking into home roasting and would like to try some of beginner technique. I'm thinking about Popcorn popper method to start with.

I'm glad to hear that this small town has others who are into home roasting too.
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