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Starbucks serving wine and beer ?
Subtle signs that your brand is adrift.


seems like a natural progression, and the only thing they are going to be lacking is that they arent making the wine... ;)
Sean Harrington


freshbeans wrote:
Subtle signs that your brand is adrift.



I suggest they go the full distance and convert the stores into Italian food micro bistros with a primary focus on wine and high-end imported cheese and of course, after chowing down, have a complimentary cup of dark roasted Starbucks coffee to cap the meal! This should get the share holders drooling!
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A student of mine used to work at a Starbucks store. He said they sold more milk product than coffee, by gallon, making Starbucks a milk-bar, not a coffee shop, like they were originally. Now its changing again, into a bar. I suppose it makes sense considering that their clients want to come in and have a beverage and snack. To get the most from your investment you want to serve as many beverages as possible.
....And a bit more proof. I think they still have coffee....I think...

"Come to Starbucks and drink like a fish, er... mermaid!"
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John Despres
Well, getting customers a little tipsy may improve coffee sales. Err.. Milk sales, that is.

Respect the bean.
John Despres
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Which to-go cup will they be serving the wine in, paper or plastic?
Just wait, they will compete with Traer Joe' 2 buck chuck wine with
Starbuck Yuk!

Simply a matter of time.

Or, they'll use their dominant strategy and dilute with milk. Vinochinnos!
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Rotting grapes and barley with burnt beans. Mmmmm, flavor of champions.
So, would that be a Barista, or simply a bartender? I imagine they would need to create a clever new term. Something new for the Fritalian vocabulary.

Here you go Dan...
Anyone every try to infuse vodka with coffee beans?
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I mean, don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good wine but not at Starbucks. I love Starbucks and I love their coffee and their flair. And yes, I am one of those guys sitting there working on a Mac. But I would definitely not appreciate alcoholic beverages there for I do not think that such drinks belong to a coffee shop. I do not like to be surrounded by people getting tipsy in the middle of the day while I am trying to either work or relax with my coffee.
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The evil empire continues it's pursuit of mediocrity. Now entering the single serve machine biz.

Do I have to start making K-cups? -Scott
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