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12/02/2021 6:47 AM
tahoeguy and sanakashyap220, coffee drink

12/01/2021 12:48 PM
Hey Ren, thanks for checking all the newcomers in!. You beat me to it most of the time but I am checking often. Grin

12/01/2021 6:16 AM
PGS_QLD, welcome !

11/29/2021 9:33 AM
Welcome, Andyc, coffeeswings and chuckster!

11/25/2021 1:17 AM
RJ30, JackedUp and CapnWhidbey, Welcome !

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Selva Negra
Wondering if anyone has tried Selva Negra from JaVino in Atlanta. How is it and what are your thoughts? I am looking for a good go to green bean that can be a base to an espresso blend at a good price. Any other suggestions would be welcome. Looking at $4.00 or less per pound.

I should add that I will be buying in 25-50 lb. bags so price should follow those weights.
Never tried any coffee from them but I'm in Atlanta and would love to have a close source for greens! Let me know how it is!
Don't know about the Selva, people smarter then me recommend using a brazilian as a base for making an espresso blend.

Sometime Ethiopians work well as a SO espresso, but you would have to try what they have to see.

Last think. Do you really want to buy 25-50 lbs of a coffee you haven't tried? Seems like you might do better to try 5 lbs, to see if you really like it before buying a large quantity, especially if you haven't bought from this vendor before.

Chad had good things to say about their coffee, both brewed and as epresso.


I was thinking of giving them a try too. Closest I have found to me here in Tallahasse.
Edited by John Despres on 12/16/2010 7:36 PM
thanks for the feedback, I like what I read in the post from Chad. I would obviously not be starting with a 25-50lb. bag before I order a sample, I just wanted to see if anyone here had tried it. I will check it out, thanks again!
Also I have used a few different Brazilian coffees as a base...they have been great but always like to experiment! It seems like everyone uses a Brazil as their base, I like the idea of being a little different. You could argue though that if everyone uses it, it is the best? Only one way to find out.:)
scarter: Royal NY has a warehouse in Jacksonville.
-Marshall Hance
Asheville, NC
Bill (bvwelch) uses the Selve Negra regularly and likes it a lot. I think I've tried it, but don't remember for sure. Sure worth a try at that price!

Edited by seedlings on 12/17/2010 8:42 PM
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Greetings, it was quite good a couple years ago, and was available at a great price, and it may still be good, but as it turns out I haven't tasted any recently. Sorry I can't give any recent recommendations good or bad.


joelk00 wrote:
Wondering if anyone has tried Selva Negra from JaVino in Atlanta. How is it and what are your thoughts? I am looking for a good go to green bean that can be a base to an espresso blend at a good price. Any other suggestions would be welcome. Looking at $4.00 or less per pound.

I just picked up a pound of greens for $4.00 at Java Vino after dinner on Friday. I'm looking forward to roasting these - never done anything from Nicaragua before.
Like bvwelch, I also have purchased Selva Negra from JavaVino in Atlanta.

A few years back, I had some that WesT roasted at our local Atlanta HUGS meeting. He roasted it two ways in a souped up Popper and I liked both.
I went on to buy some though him. Next time around I went by their local shop and tried it. They roast it three ways there, light medium and dark; and I tried them all. I liked it each way and decided to buy some greens, 5#, I think. I put the heatgun to it and became a fan.

I do a big roast for a local charity each fall and I have used 60# of Selva Negra each of the last two years. I used it as a base for blends for brewed coffee. I found it to be well balanced, with the usual nuts and chocolate overtones. Moreover, it plays well with others. It sings a nice harmony with, say, an Ethiopian. It doesn't overpower and it fills in the gaps with the milder coffees.

I took some (medium roast) to Dan in 2009 and he liked it as a SO for espresso. He said the hazelnut was very pronounced in his extraction. I cite Dan as the expert here because I don't drink much espresso. I can say that I did like the cup (or two) he made for me. We probably would have had even more if we weren't so buzzed. :trink29:

Regarding the cost: Steve Franklin has packaged my orders in 10# bags each time (the latest being in nice Mylar bags) and adds a bit to the price per pound for opening the bug burlap bag. I don't know for sure, but I don't think I got any special rate for buying several of these 10# bags at a time, but I could be wrong on this.

But, as we all know, coffee is a crop and it's characteristics vary from season to season. I thought the 2009 crop was a bit better than 2010. Nevertheless, having said that, I think it is a safe coffee to buy, even without cupping.

I fully expect to buy more again later this year.

Bottom line, IMHO this is a good B+ basic coffee. Nothing flashy (see seedlings for that), just a good coffee-tasting coffee to serve to friends or to use as base for blends.
David, I remember that coffee. I made a tasty Americano, too. I was surprised at the body and intensity, not what I think of in Nicaraguan beans. My experience is that Nicaraguan coffee tastes a lot the beans from neighboring Costa Rica.

Count me in for 10-20#.

Oh, the last installment of "Survivor" and the one that starts a week from today, were filmed on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.
I love the Selva Negra, and it's a great estate to support, they're doing wonderful things. I roast it light and flavor it. I roast it medium and drink it straight. I french roast it and it holds up to the heat. It's a great bean! Yes, 2009 did taste a little better than 2010. I find that the 2010 bean has to be roasted just a hair darker to pull out the depth. My understanding is that 2010 is sold out, but maybe you're lucky and found a source.
Drink Coffee. Be Happy.
I got some of this about a year ago and my experience is the same as above- positive. Nutty and chocolately, very very even roasts that looked beautiful when they came out of the roaster (Behmor). I blended a little and drank the rest as drip or Americano and liked it all.
Just purchased some of this myself last week. My first order from JavaVino. Prices are pretty good, it came well packaged, and the greens look good. Now if I only had some time to roast some.

Picked this up with some Sumatran Kebayakan.

I'll let you know what I think after I enjoy a brew.

"You do realize that your detailed plan has three steps and two of those steps hinge on running?"
The Ethiopian Yerg I got from them was one of the best I have had to date, BIG BERRY flavor!
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