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Sucking the Smoke -- BM/HG indoors?!
Calling all opinion-ators and arm-chair quarterbacks in HROland...

I need advice.

So, in July, we bought a house and moved across town. My coffee roasting and tasting cave in the basement got disassembled and packed away. Now, I am planning how to construct a true coffee palace in my new basement (and all the while drinking freshroast from friends... I have good friends!).

Hypothesis: With a 6" round duct and 135 cfm range hood vented through the outside wall to the backyard, I can roast 1lb. in my basement on my BM/HG without objectionable levels of smoke in the rest of the house.

My prior setup used the same factory 135 cfm exhaust fan in a range hood suspended above my roast station. Venting was through a nearby unused dryer vent hole. I roasted indoors successfully with the poppers, but never tried the BM/HG with the prior setup.

I am not worried about chaff, too much, as the basement is block and concrete and I can sweep. Or, the fan can blow it into the back yard.

I read Dan's thread here http://forum.home...ead_id=382, but couldn't find anything else about indoor venting for a roaster larger than a popper or Genecafe.

I have another range hood, if needed, and could put them back to back. I think this would be WAY OVER-ENGINEERED, and, I would rather not put two 6" holes through my house wall.

Advice, please!

europiccola | yama + coryrod | chemex | AP | clever
wbp1 | wepp1 | bm/hg | co hybrid (still coming soon...)
Hi David, Congrats on getting it going again! It's my guess that you have plenty of cfm. Perhaps make some provision (nearby)for 'make-up' air. Allowing the exhausted air to be replaced easily will allow your exhaust hood to work properly.
....Paint the floor brown, you'll be glad you did.
Cheers! -Scott
The 6" round duct has much more area than the 4" dryer vent you tried prior, and should give even better results. If you could make up an enclosed 'box' that fit over the BM, maybe with a door in the front, then you'd outsmart the smoke for sure.

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John Despres
Try adding a small helper fan blowing into your duct in the direction of your exhaust flow. It can be a small squirrel cage fan or even a little muffin fan (computer fan).

Fun with Bernoulli!

Edited by John Despres on 12/19/2010 10:20 AM
Respect the bean.
John Despres
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for sure go 6 inches with fan at bottom and top, simply the same way they move air in a greenhouse. one fan to move air/smoke up and the other to make sure it travels out...

sounds great.

you go guy!!


faster then lightening with two fingers!!
Thanks for all the great advice, folks. Scott, the tip about makeup air is a great one... (I'll go work on that now). John and Ginny, I can add an in-duct fan near the output as suggested... CHAD, adding physical boundries for the smoke around the roast station is also a winner (I have left over lexan laying around).

Any other thoughts any of you HROs have?


is it too cheesy to say "it can take a village to build a [great] roaster"?!:P

europiccola | yama + coryrod | chemex | AP | clever
wbp1 | wepp1 | bm/hg | co hybrid (still coming soon...)
The only potential thing I can think of (and you are likely aware of this already) is that you want to keep the length and corners to your exhaust ducting to a minimum. Both of those will add backpressure and will slow actual exhaust rate (may not be so much of a problem with two fans). 6" should move a lot of air though.
Good call, SteveN. I think I can keep it to one 90 degree elbow and two straight runs of maybe 4 to 5 feet each. Build, in order: Range hood intake, fan, backflow preventer, straight run to elbow, elbow, straight run to booster fan, then louvered exhaust outlet. I'll post pics and and worthwhile as-built stories, if any.

Thanks, everybody, for the input and collaboration. In the abundance of counselors there is wisdom.

europiccola | yama + coryrod | chemex | AP | clever
wbp1 | wepp1 | bm/hg | co hybrid (still coming soon...)
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