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Coffee separates
Hello All,
I have witnessed a strange phenomena while drinking my coffee lately.
After pouring a little half and half in the cup (a sin for many I know) the milk curdles? Now if my container was out of date it would not seem so strange.

However this is the mysterious part it only happens with one coffee variety, Panama. This is not the first time it has happened before with a different Panama.

The roast is about 60 sec in first crack and quite a light roast maybe slightly darker than cinnamon. The funny thing is we have at least five other coffees and there is no problem mixing in a little half and half.

So am I doing something wrong or have others observed the same thing?
What is the cause of this is it just that acidic?
Well now........ that's not suppose to happen!
WikiPedia says:


In cookery, curdling is the breaking of an emulsion or colloid into large parts of different composition through the physico-chemical processes of flocculation, creaming, and coalescence. Curdling is intentional and desirable in making cheese and tofu; unintentional and undesirable in making sauces and custards.

Panamanian coffee is low in acid, so its probably not that. It could be temperature related.
Hi Gregman:

If your product is the same, cream, 1/2 1/2 or coffee mate stuff, not out of date and it happens with any brand of 1/2 1/2 or cream I believe the only answer is the heat.

Try different water temps and see what happens.


Third Crack
The process of curdling in milk is the clumping of casein, a protein. It is promoted by acids, salt and/or heat. Fat actually retards the process some so skim milk is the worst and heavy cream the best at resisting but all will curdle under the right conditions. If you keep below 180F it will help and I have found over hot coffee can do it alone. So in your case it seems odd that acid alone would do it but I'm not sure. It may still just be the cream and the heat and the rest is a coincidence???
Edited by Third Crack on 04/18/2011 12:27 PM
Odd - this is the second time this topic has come up:


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Ok so I feel a little dumb today.
Made coffee and it was not Panama guess what happened?
I think the cream was old although not even near the use by date.

Heat sounds like another good cause, that maybe it.
I use a pour over drip with boiling water.

I swear this did happen before though..............
Well now........ that's not suppose to happen!
We use fresh milk in this house. We pour the cream off first. When the cream starts on its way out, it will do the same thing. Finding that in store bought cream seems very odd. They usually cook that stuff and sterilize so much that it takes months to go bad, unlike fresh milk.

I am on my way over to grab a bottle or two...

Reminds me of when the "milkman" left Mothers order and we would grab the bottles, toss some sugar into our mouths and pour/scoop the cream off the milk!!

those little wire baskets from Adore Dairy!!

my god am I getting older!!


Gman, it is the water temp, really trust me on this. have you actually tested the temp of the water?
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