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09/27/2022 7:35 AM
Welcome, @sihar and plf5

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coffeeground Welcome

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@ ZoydW and CoffeeCrafters, welcome cup

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HG/BM roasting in Baghdad
Hello HRO friends,

I thought the BM section needed a bump and I know how much we all love pictures:) Thought I'd share a bit about my roasting technique here in Baghdad, Iraq and a little about myself. I'm originally from Boise, ID. but have been deployed now for about 9 months. I started out with a Behmor but accidentally fried it with 220 v. Back at home, I roast with a hottop b. I have been roasting for about 1.5 years and get better/worse at it every day:P

After my Behmor went to roaster heaven, I was in desparate need of a replacement. I didn't want to spend more money on something I might break anyway, so I began looking at Iroar's, I mean Iroasts and the like. I nearly bought one until I stumbled on dogbowl roasting and thought I'd give it a try. As I began researching it, I found out about bread machine roasting. After doing a litter reading, I soon discovered it was a really cool way to go. So I ordered a bread machine from ebay, a heat gun from Lowes and a shop vac. from amazon. I pieced everything together and with some ideas from here, I put my kit together.

My bread machine is hacked from the very helpful "re-wiring" thread here. It just goes to constant spin as soon as I plug it in. I used to have to wait 5 minutes for it to get done pulsing on the dough cycle. I also removed all the electronics so there is no more thermostat telling the machine it's too hot to do another roast. Now I can go back to back without any delay which is really handy.

I've found that pre-heating my kit helps. I go somewhere between 300 - 350 drop in temperture depending on bean density and processing method. My heat gun has a dial on the side for power adjustment. It's a Porter Cable model. I made some tick marks on the dial with a sharpie which helps me know where to set the power to get the roast speed I want. To start the roast, I set it to ~ 60% power until the beans are done drying, I then run it up to about 75% during the ramp to 1C. As I approach 1C, I back the gun off gradually until I finish the roast. My roast times are generally around 12-13 minutes with 1C kicking in at about 8:30 - 9:30. This seems to get good results for my Aeropress. 1C temps range from 383 - 393. I notice roast speed/air temps can affect 1C temps by up to 10 degrees with this kit.

jammin attached the following image:
side shot of the roaster. you can see where I drilled straight through the side to mount a k-type t/c.
jammin attached the following image:
cooling the beans down in my home made cooler.
jammin attached the following image:
roast curve from pictured roast.
finished roast
here is a shot of the T/C's position in the bread pan. this was taken before I hacked the roaster and when it was still kinda clean;)
I see you get some of your beans from RoastMasters,

I've ordered from them a couple times last that I got was some Burundi Yandaro, so far its been really good.
I pour Iron and roast Coffee BeansThumbsUp
If life seems normal your not going fast enough Mario Andrette
What's the local coffee like in Baghdad? Has *bucks moved in yet?
Ed B.
DreamRoast 1kg roaster, Levers, Hand Mills
@ dja - Roastmasters has really impressed me with some of their selections this year. I've had quite a few already that I really like.

@ Ed - They have a coffeeshop here called "Greenbean". It's like a *$ sorta. I ordered an espresso drink their for sport when I first got here. They have decent commercial grinders and an ok machine. They tamped the coffee with tamper on the grinder then locked n' pulled. The following shot had close to an acceptable flow rate but their was ZERO crema. Their beans be must ancient or something. The coffee is simply dreadful, drip or espresso. The chow hall is even worse; they have two commercial pots labled "regular" and "strong". They correspond with how darn bitter and nasty you like your coffee to taste.

Nice setup. There are a lot of people using the heatgun method. I was thinking of trying it out sometime. The shopvac cooler works very well, I have the same sort of cooling rig.
I like how you use the lid shield to hold the heatgun. Great idea and great setup!

Roaster: CoffeeAir II 2# DIY air roaster
Grinder: Vintage Grindmaster 500
Brewers: Vintage Cory DCU DCL, Aeropress, Press, Osaka Titanium pourover
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