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Hello from SE PA
Hello from Honey Brook, PA. Glad I found HRO, it is showing me the complexities and subtle nuances of the roasted coffee bean. I just wish I weren't so darn stupid, then I might be able to understand all the info I'm getting.

Grumpyod Roflmao
I started with the bible ("Home Coffee Roasting", by Kenneth Davids)
..and I still refer to it two years later..
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No oil on my beans...
The more I learn, the dumber I feel. You're probably on the right track!! -Scott
Good to see a neighbor stop by.
I am right down the road in Delaware.
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Agree with the above... the more you learn, the more you realize there is to learn. Celebrate the little things.

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Welcome again Grumpyod:

Frankly I think we are all writing The Great World Coffee Book each time
we type out a post and hit reply.

I amazes me daily what a creative and inventive group o people we have around here not to mention funny and friendly.

Hey fellow SE PA'er - was just camping in french creek 2 weeks ago.
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Just thought I'd say "Hi" here too. Couple years ago, friends of mine wrote me in for Best Coffehouse in Bucks County. I don't own a coffee shop or anything, they were nominating my kitchen! LOL That's what happens when you roast your own and share!

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