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10/19/2021 6:22 AM
Welcome tarunk!

10/17/2021 12:40 PM
Ploni and nader fouad, Welcome!

10/15/2021 2:19 AM
merlot85, maycondelpiero and hoeltz, Welcome !

10/14/2021 10:06 AM
Thanks for the addition to the group. Seriously considering building a drum roaster along the lines of oldgrumpus's. Love the design and craftsmanship.

10/14/2021 4:00 AM
Morning, ar3mia ! and... coffee drink

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Who's from Oklahoma, happy holidays to all, I'm locate in the OKC area, anyone else around
I pour Iron and roast Coffee BeansThumbsUp
If life seems normal your not going fast enough Mario Andrette
I used to live in Oklahoma City and worked for Jackie Cooper Imports. Flew out of Expressway Airpark. Nothing like the Brahm's plant on one end, a road and a chain link fence and then the runway or power lines and a huge ditch on the North end. My aunt and uncle live in Lamar near Holdenville. Was in over 9 tornadoes in my 4 years there but it was a fun place to live.:smileycoffee:
I quit counting em, they just happen but I do wish one of the darn things would hit my house.

I guess Oklahoma is a dead zone for home roasters, I know that there is an outfit here that builds coffee roasters I go down there from time to time. and I do know of two others that home roast.

But you would think that there would be more, either theres none here or they are the shyest bunch of people I ever seen.

I pour Iron and roast Coffee BeansThumbsUp
If life seems normal your not going fast enough Mario Andrette

I have heard of the outfit. Send me their name..would like to see what they are building. I would think Norman or Edmond would also have some roasters there. I saw your video with the helicopters...that was quite a roaster you made! How's the coffee from it? Never give up on your coffee venture! It's the best hobby in the world.

I was also a Soaring Sooner and spent quite a bit of time flying sailplanes out of Goldsby near Norman.

Stay in touch..Ken ([email protected])
helocopters took me a minute to remember back that far, lot of beans been thru the roaster since that video.

Yes its quite the roaster, I just need a section of 5 inch OD tubing so I can finish the bottom section and get rid of the getto duct tape. this thing would look so good with the bottom all chromed and shinny.

U S Roasters,
I pour Iron and roast Coffee BeansThumbsUp
If life seems normal your not going fast enough Mario Andrette
Trying to think where they are down there on West Main. I lived off of North Meridian behind Lake Hefner in NW OKC. When I first got out of the Air Force, I lived in Midwest City then moved to SW 23 then up to N. Meridian and worked for Jackie Cooper for 4 years. Love the name of the Roaster..the Revelation..very nice!

Keep posting videos of your work. If you need any help with that I was a Video Engineer and Editor for many years.

How many pounds at a time can you do? Also, tell me from your viewpoint if you feel an Air Roast is better than a drum roast. I am told it produces a brighter cup.

I think there are advantages to both but the Air Roast method is fun to watch.

Ordering my Gene Cafe later this week and considering a Sono Fresco but they sure are pricey.

west of and across the street from buddy rice's speed shop.

I just shot em convert em and stick em on youtube when I'm bored.

the most I've had in it is two pounds which is probably the max without more heat.

only drum roast I've had is folgers so I can't say. I like the roast the monster does, it is also very controllable by either heat or air flow. I can drop for 450 degrees to 200 in less then too minutes to cool down so I quit using my cooling fan.

I wouldn't buy a Sono cost to much if your out to have a roaster that will do a couple pounds at a time there have been a couple of really nice home built roaster since I did mine. and as far as I am concerned they will out perform whats available to the public for a lot less then some of whats out there.

I can take a tube thats over and inch smaller in diameter and put a pound and a half of beans in it and roast with no problems other then you ain't got any expansion room. check a couple of my first video's.

But its you that has to make up your mind on what you want in a roaster.

Mine started when I was told that the tube I started with wouldn't hold a pound of beans, a year later I roast regularly 1.5 pounds and can do it in freezing outside temps, which is where I roast at.

Anyway I guess people like reading about it, dang threads got almost 20,000 views.ThumbsUp

now where did I hide that screwdriver at.............
Edited by dja on 11/29/2011 1:30 AM
I pour Iron and roast Coffee BeansThumbsUp
If life seems normal your not going fast enough Mario Andrette
I think you are right about the Sono. I am all ears into how to make my own roaster. It sounds like you have the ability to cool the beans fast and that is good! I want to find a way to ramp up my production here on the deck of my townhome so I can sell more coffee.

While I prefer a medium roast, many people who want coffee from me want a French Roast which to me is burning the bean but it's what they ask for.

I called Sono today and they sent me all their literature and you are right, it's pricey.

Tell me more! :)

well when you say your wanting to ramp up production you leave a lot in the wind because to some poeple the increase of a pound in there roasting is a monstrous increase, to others its an increase of 100 pounds. If I was roasting to sell and I had to have a larger roaster I would want one that I would not grow out of for some time or your going to be throwing money away one machine at a time.

What it cost to build my roaster I have no idea as I didn't keep track of my labor, parts, machine time making parts, or beans used for testing (which I wish I had a bunch of back).

I would think that what your after would be better served by a roaster like Unta's (Seans), on a smaller scale, or like the bubble bed build by Jkoll42.

Seans Roaster is build more on the lines of a production roaster in that it does large batches, jkoll42's roaster is a bubble bed design (his terminology) of his own, but uses gas for heat. I don't know what the capabililty of jkoll42's roaster is I know that if he has the air with gas heat he should be able to do some large size roast, (you will have to talk to him about that).

Build wise I think jkoll's would be the easiest to build and probably a lot cheaper then one like Sean's,

Hope i answered you question.

I pour Iron and roast Coffee BeansThumbsUp
If life seems normal your not going fast enough Mario Andrette

I will get getting a Gene Cafe next to stay up with my own coffee drinking and also to keep roasting for those who want to buy from me. I see this as one big adventure but to be able to start mingling with other roasters like yourself and have, that is where it's at! :) So yes, you definitely answered my questions.

I will look into the other guys roasters too that you mentioned.

The people who make Gene Cafe also have a newer prototype called a CBR-1200 roaster but all I can find of it so far is just a marketing slick. It looks like a real machine however.

Let's keep in touch...I did go get some French Roast from a local roaster was, HORRIBLE. French Roast is really not what I like but thought I would try it since I had heard so much about them. Well, it was burned and scorched and the bean flavors were muted in the oil smoke taste.

I think the farthest I will roast too is an Italian Roast. That way all the wonderful bean flavors haven't been burned off.

glad that I answered your questions,
hope you have tons of fun with the new Gene.
Be sure and check out OldGEarHead's re purposing of a coffee maker into a roaster. he did an excellent job on it.

French and Italian roast levels are pretty much on par with one another.

myself I take most of the beans that I roast up to the start of second crack but thats me, I have had others say thats too far but when they drink my coffee its like thats really good stuff. So I guess its all in what we like.

I pour Iron and roast Coffee BeansThumbsUp
If life seems normal your not going fast enough Mario Andrette

May be having Christmas early here..will know for sure tomorrow. One of my Pro Roasting buddies has a Sono Fresco and has invited me to come and pick it up tomorrow. The caraffe is cracked but he says it still works. He said, come and get it, roast with it and we will talk details later. He might have a second one too.

In communication with Jon..I agree with what he said..this is the BEST roaster community on the net and to quote him...everyone is normal!

Got some Peruvian today, Flores, Ethiopia and Sumatra. Roasting Kona right now..down to my last ten pounds of it. I sell it for $25.00 per pound and there seems to be no end to people who want it.

If I get the Sono Fresco tomorrow..will let you know. It will be my first Air Roaster.

sounds like you have quite the little business going, I may start trying to drum up some business for fresh roasted beans.

Used to I wouldn't of harbored the thought of doing it for fear of having to leave town because of the work that I did, but now it looks like I may have a lot of free time on my hands, and with a roaster that will do back to back two pound roast I can knock out a couple roast have them cooled and in bags in a matter of less then an hour.

Let me know what happens with the Sono Fresco, I know where you can get a Borosilicate tube at to replace the one thats on it. would love to see what type of blower that they have hidden in the skirt of the thing, I am thinking of going gas heat on my roaster i found a tube right diameter yesterday to give me enough height to put on it it, so with gas heat and a bigger blower I can probably do more then two pounds.

I pour Iron and roast Coffee BeansThumbsUp
If life seems normal your not going fast enough Mario Andrette
Totally agree - would love to see the Sono torn down w/ pics. Would be interesting to see what a 'real' company does for construction!
Honey badger 1k, Bunn LPG-2E, Technivorm, Cimbali Max Hybrid, Vibiemme Double Domo V3

The Sono Fresco won't be ready for pickup until WED. So, I am going to work on cleaning my garage this weekend and making my deck ready for winter roasting too.

I did my first dual blend bean tonight..roasted a blend of Sumatra and Ethiopia. Smells good but will let it off gas for a few days before trying. Also, will plug the bean into the software that computes the flavor profile to see what it says.

As soon as I get the Sono Fresco, will tear into it and let you know what makes it work and what kind of blower it has.

Jon and I are communicating and he has made quite a nice roaster. We are talking about trading roasts which you might be interested in too. It can be a good way for all of us to try different roasts and expand the horizons of coffee. I know can't ever go back to Starbucks or Pete's Coffee here.


I got it...the Sono Fresco. It wasn't free though. lol $1700.00 in and I need to a get the new caraffe. The one that came with it is broke but it works. Did a roast with it today...very nice. I did cut the gas early though and went's the artisan roaster in me. lol

I would like to get my hands on one of Dan's roasters (thats the guys name that owns) the place here in OKC that builds roasters, not one of the big ones but one that would do like 5 to 10 pounds at a time. If I had something like that I would try to drum up enough business to roast and sell but sadly I don't think it will happen.

I would of answered your earlier post sooner but with the holidays and me trying to finish out some projects that I been working on (what I should be doing now) time just gets away from a person.

Keep me posted on the Fresco on how it works and how it roast. I want to see how close I am to it in method of operation.

happy holidays.

I pour Iron and roast Coffee BeansThumbsUp
If life seems normal your not going fast enough Mario Andrette

I had 4 really good roasts today but then the machine started to have some problems. The Professional Roaster that sold it to me hinted that if it began to exhibit some trouble to bring it back and they could troubleshoot it for me. Well, I called Sono Fresco and they are AWESOME. I gave them all the serial numbers and what happened and took pics of it and they are evaluating what the solution will be. While I opened the machine, I found a loose resistor sitting on the right front side. I took note of all the control boards and could clearly see that someone had a fire in this machine. I am completely confident that Sono Fresco will see me through this and that I am also certain the seller knew of its probems.

I managed to do the following roasts with it today:

1. 2 lbs of Indonesian Flores in a Full City Plus roast.

2. lb of Brazilian in an Italian Roast. Even though CO2 was present, I burr grinded that coffee later and peroclated it up and it was decent.

3. The third roast had to be stopped and immediately cooled when the fan output decreased and he machine was getting hot. I am certain if I had not stopped the gas flame in that low air mode, I would have most certainly had a fire on my hands.

I DO AGREE with your wanting to get a drum roaster. Also, a CAST IRON drum is superior.

I can tell you that when the Sono Fresco works right, it's fun to watch, it roasts quickly and impressively and you can do some production level roasting with it.

If they handle this situation with me well, they will most certainly have a customer for life!


PS: Merry Christmas!!
The Greenest Bean, The Freshest Roast!
sounds like your going to be busy if you get it fixed.
I pour Iron and roast Coffee BeansThumbsUp
If life seems normal your not going fast enough Mario Andrette

Sono Fresco Tech Support is good. The Tech there has given me quite a few pointers.

A new caraffe is on the way. A new Temp Sensor, albeit a redesigned one too is on the way.
He also share with me to clean out the blower really good. When I open it back up next week to install the new components includuing an 0-ring, I will take internal pics for you and Jon.

Email me at:[email protected] and I will send the pics back to you.

So far, have invested $2200.00 in it, however, I am still significantly under the price for a new one.

The RAM-1MC1-06 ignition module checks out and is in good shape. The Control Board is V 1.03 that I have. The newer boards are V 1.05 but mine works well and the only difference is that the newer boards have eliminated a strap between the board and the Sono Fresco.

The roasts yesterday were great and it has been confirmed that the charred TEMP SENSOR gave up the ghost thus putting the control board and ignition module telemetry into disarry...or as we say, Erroneus Data Stream. lol

I did also manage to do my first Italian Roast. Had some more of that today and you are right, there isn't much difference bewteen Italian and French. I would say French is completely burned in the way of aromatics.

It does a really nice MEDIUM roast and you can turn off the gas and put it into cool mode so there is some controlling of the roast.

Future plans are to put a thermocouple in it, tie that into the T4 I keep hearing a lot about here and track the roasts.

Here are some details on the electronics: RAM-1MC1-06

Thermostat: 120VAC, 60Hz
Current Draw: 35mA
Ambient Temp: -40degF to +175degF (so from Canada in winter to summer in Iraq one could roast coffee) lol
Valve: [email protected]
1 Trial
Ignition Trial: 7 sec

Currently experiencing E1. The error will not clear unless the problem with temeperature sensor is resolved. That happens Monday!

Also, asked Sono Fresco to send me a new Top Plate Gasket. It's made of a white foamy material which turns out to be a form of fiberglass. The old one is quite burned but again, I am told that it was from normal ops.

The tech told me my idea to keep it all clean will keep the machine functioning for a long time.

He also told that the main control board is sensitive to power fluctuations so will run the 120VAC part off of a UPS (battery backup). DC is always a nice alternative to failed AC.

I will also be getting a quick release for the propane hose for easy on and off.

-Ken :smileycoffee:
The Greenest Bean, The Freshest Roast!
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