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Taming the wild Major!
There are a lot of old Majors out there for sale.
Mazzer sold a lot of them to *$, and they are being replaced.
I got what I consider a good deal on one, even though it is old and beat:(
It came with no doser, no hopper, and kind of a plate over the front with a copper fitting attached with silicon sealers:3

This is what it looked like when I got it down to basics:

You can see it is really beat :(

It looks like it may have seen duty as medium in a rock crusher. s:7 s:8

I can not imagine how it came to look so mistreated.

It barely worked when I got it, but the vendor sent me a new start capacitor, and new burrs Grins:1

Also, the hopper fom my Mazzer Mini fits almost perfectly.

Next problem was how to handle the grinds? s:6

It pushes out lots of coffee.

First I tried using the set up it came with, but grounds went EVERYWHERE!;)s:8

So I tried as a backup, a large SS mixing bowl, and catching the coffee in a 1 pound bag s:8s:8c:1

More coffee went on me than went into the bag, and lots went over the walls and floor to.:@:@c:2

Before I grind any more, I need to harness this beast. s:4

I tried copying some of the adapters I have seen, but no luck. Coffee still sprays all over.

So I happened across a SS canister that just fit the doser curvature.
It gets held on with a spring (womans belt)
from a thrift store:

The canister is just the right size to hold a pound of ground s:2B)

and covers the whole area where the front plate was.

It had a clamp strapped onto the canister, but it was in the way.
So I removed it and just kept the plastic lid with the silicon washer.

Here is a picture of the inside, you can see how I cut a square hole with my Dremel to match the Mazzer Major outlet.

Now the ground storm is all contained! s:1s:2

Nothing gets out while grinding Grin

The wild coffee spreading Mazzer Major has been tamed s:2

All I can say is - - Cool s:2s:2

Awsome...Thanks for the piks!
Peter. Want a hoppe? I have a hopper from my MM that may fit. If you'd like it, it is yours. If so, first measure the inside diameter of your inlet so I can make sure it will fit. Dan
HI Dan,
Thank you very much for your generous offer.Grins:1

The neck inlet on the Major is ~ 2+5/16 inches.
The neck on the Mini is ~ 2 + 1/4 inches.

btw, your pm box is full s:3 s:8s:8


PeterZ c:3
Pete, that thing is cool--where can they be found?
They sell a lot of grinders like this on ebay;

could be better or worse condition:|

The SS container I got at Walmart, or some such store. Maybe even a thrift store, but they are quite common s:2
and not expensive at all s:2s:2

It is about 5" in diameter and 8"tall, roughly measured with a tape measure. B)

The canister is not mounted permanently. While grinding I need to hold it against the port, with a finger over the lid to keep that on tight s:8s:8

The good part is there is no mess, and I can just dump it into a bag when it is finishedB)
The spring just helps keep it on when not in use. c:1

PeterZ c:3
I've got to put wings on an idea I've had about discharging the static charge generated by grinding. I'll whip up a small Tesla coil or TV flyback transformer for a high frequency, well insulated high emf electrostatic field.

About like erasing magnetic media- tape, disc, etc- the high frequency alternating electromagnetic <Erase> field is used to rearrange the magnetic domains in random order.

12vdc at low power ought to to power the power oscillator circuit.

So simple- all I gotta do is try it out!
Cheers -RayO

Got Grinder?
i LIKE that idea there.
I have a doser on mine but I dont want to sit there and clunk out half ounce lumps of grounds for 10 minutes to fill a pound bag, which the thing will make in about 20 seconds.

Ill have to play now and see what I can rig up to mine.

Bean there Done that, donated the T-shirt to the Church of the Second crack.... St Beanyface
"...a 42" Tesla Coil would look great in the midle of my wife's new kitchen. She might not mind it."

Oy, Brett. I haven't the slightest idea what you're referring to.

You don't know me- but one of my Hi school chums and I took the better part of a week after school to wind the secondary on a small carpet tube. Might have been about the size you mention. I disremember- I set up a big electrolytic cap as the mandrel at one end while one of us cranked a breast drill to turn the tube and the other fed the 40-gauge wire.

Scott (Perkins) and I were sitting quite a distance apart when we got the coil finished. Two 833A triodes in a Hartley oscillator. Too much- no sparks, just violet streamers would reach out for people as they walked by.

A transistor power oscillator with a flyback transformer would be less spectacular, but adequate. It's just a fire hydrant that also grinds coffee. I probably ought to resist setting the grounds on fire in the chute.
Cheers -RayO

Got Grinder?
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