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i finally nailed a Geisha! err, um, the profile.
A couple months back when I was roasting in my I-Roast 2 I bought some Guatemala Acatenagno Gesha from SM. My results were sad to edging on very interesting. One thing I found odd was how good the "stale" 25 day old last pot of beans tasted. All who tried it agreed it was worlds better than fresh samples. I'll revisit that later.

Two days ago I tried out a new stainless steel nano drum hoping it worked well enough for my final build of my one pot roaster. Chewed beans from my first few roasts were phenomenal and really well fruited so I got to dreaming and scheming about those last 32 grams of Gesha that wouldn't fill the I-Roast. The impetus for wanting to build a gas fired drum roaster with said capacity.

I opened the bag and smelled. Whoah! Fresh roses. I don't remember those, hmmm..

Now I'm sitting enjoying the fruits, literally, of my patience and labor. If you e ever had those little strawberry candies that are hard around a gel center and wrapped to look like a strawberry then you know EXACTLY what this cup tastes like.

The temp profile I used was : preheat to 290, load 32 grams, 4:15 to 310, 3:20 to 360, 2:00 to 390, 3:18 to 418, dump, passive cool on 1/2" thick glazed heavy ceramic plate. It rested 79 hours.

This is so mild and pleasant on the gulp but every exhale after drinking it causes a thick strawberry tartness to come over the back of my tongue. The nose of the cup is cinnamon and honey. As it cools it gets the cinnamon in the taste and becomes more coffee-like than like the Teavana strawberry roobios I swore someone had secretly replaced my vac carafe with this morning.
Of course you have an awesome roaster, but I'd like to say I really appreciate your descriptors of the coffee. It's very rewarding to be able to put words to a flavor you taste!

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