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My new Aeorpress came from SM and I used it a few times, but it always seemed so cumbersome. I mean, it was easier for me to use a french press.
Until I got to the clean up part.

Today I made my afterneoon cup with the a-press.
Here is how it went:

Add some water to Ibis Cordless, and turn it on.
Gind coffee, set up press, and reach for water. B)
It must be hot enough! s:2
This unit is supposed to use cooler water. s:8

Nope, no idea how hot. s:8s:8

Not boiling though.s:3

Add water to press until bloom reaches top and put water back on to heat.
Stir slowly for a few seconds, rinse stirrer.
Wet plunger and plunge into large cup.B)

Water has continued to heat, so add hotter water to finish filling cup.B)


Quicker results than with a french press s:2

When the press has cooled a bit, rinse it down the electric pig.
Replace in kit bag.

Just as easy as a french press, cleaner s:2
Coffee is a bit richer. Shock
Smoother. :)
Different but great anyway. B)s:2
David delivered mine yesterday and showed me how to use it.

What I like beyond the excellent taste of the coffee, is the convenience. Grind, drop the coffee into the press, decant 8 oz of water into a measuring cup (from the hot water tap of my espresso machine) use the first two oz in the press and then add the remaining 6 to the cup. About 1 min from inspiration to first sip. Its my new favorite way to taste a new roast.

Many thanks David.H)

Edited by bobroseman on 05/14/2006 10:23 PM
It isn't kind to cultivate a friendship just so one will have an audience.

Lawana Blackwell, The Courtship of the Vicar's Daughter, 1998
It was a fine afternoon, Bob.
That was the most fun I have had playing delivery boy in a long time. B)

Thanks for the lessons in pulling shots and "dialing in" a new roast. s:1

See you next Saturday at Ga HUG 3. c:2
Just got one of these and it?s pretty cool. Agree that it makes a good cup of coffee?very good. I think beats my standard method in taste which is a Chemex drip pot.

I guess I?d say it?s more like a press pot with no sediment. Which for me is great because over the years I?ve tried to like French press coffee but I just can?t get past the grit, albeit minimal, in the cup.

One thing I read after I ordered was that it takes more coffee compared to other methods. I found this to be the case so far. Usually for my Chemex I?ll do 20g of beans 16oz of water, yielding about 14+oz of brew. Topping off the Aeropress brew with a 20g load to make a 14oz cup was too weak, tried my next cup so it was about 12oz?was close to strength in what my Chemex would make.

Maybe I could improve on my extraction method? Let me know what you guys do. I?m using a Solis Maestro, using the setting about halfway between drip and espresso. Wet the grounds, letting the coffee bloom then add more water to the top of the ?2? with 20g of coffee in the Aero, muddle it with the stirrer, and gently press it thru?taking all of 90secs or less I?m guessing.

Pretty easy to push thru so maybe I can go finer on the grind. I know it doesn?t need a long extraction time like a press pot with a coarse grind but maybe I could a bit longer?

Anyways really happy the results so far and I?ll play around with it for sure. Also be eager to try any suggestions from you guys.
Filling the Aeropress to the top of the "2" is a little over 4 ounces of water. So, I take it you are adding water to it to get up to 12 oz.

This takes it from an "Espresso-ish" extraction to an "Americano-ish" drink. B)
When I first tried that, I didn't think it was that great either. s:7

My Tips:

Grinding closer to the espresso range helps quite a bit.

The "inverted" method keeps the brew from leaking thru the filter too soon.
It's hard to describe. Basically you put the plunger just barely into the body of the AP without attaching the filter or base. Then turn it upside down. Yep, upside down and empty with as much capacity for liquid available as possible. Then add the fine grounds and water. Let it brew as long as you like, then place the filter and cover onto to it and screw down carefully. Turn it right-side up and press.
You will find out immediately if you put the filter and cover on correctly. Shock
This inverted method is a much better way to get a strong, uniform brew IMHO.

One innovation that I have read about at CG involved using a non-paper filter, a polyester felt, such as the type used in HEPA filters. This is reported to be much more tasty, although Alan Adler doesn't like it that way. Not because it is not tastier, but because reportedly the additional oils that come through may raise cholesterol levels (same problem as with the french press). Maybe I should worry about that, but I don't. I will be trying this method before too long.

Thanks for posting. Please keep us advised of your experiments. Grin
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