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New guy!
I love SB Cafe Estima.. It's bold, aromatic and stands up well to a touch of heavy cream. On the other hand I really dislike SB Pikes Place. It tastes burnt and stale to me.
SB has stopped selling my beloved Cafe Estima and I have considering home roasting for years.. So I jumped in and bought a Behmor.
More lator!

Vince Russell
Auburn CA
Hello Vince,
Let go of the 'Cafe Estima'. Leave the dark-side behind.

You are safe now. :) Welcome aboard. -Scott
Indiana Randy
Edited by seedlings on 02/08/2012 4:51 PM
My first few roasts were so under roasted so nats I went the other way and over roasted.. I went from pencil shavings to way to over roasted.
I have been getting five or ten seconds into 2c then popping the door and hitting cool. Finally good coffee! The last batch I just finished went ten seconds into 2c then right into a colander to cool. We will see.
Artisan 3e, Proline grinder modded w/SSP, Behmor brewer
Vince, head over to the Behmor section and learn all kinds of stuff.


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