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05/23/2022 10:46 AM
abiy welcome cup

05/18/2022 6:13 AM
gnosis coffee roasters and Terry Hauser, welcome !

05/15/2022 7:00 PM
lsawade welcome Welcome

05/15/2022 9:13 AM
Welcome, Pinofly and Alex008

05/12/2022 7:47 PM
CafficitoeTim and pmf2000 Welcome! Welcome

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First crack at a Gene Cafe profile


Army Coffee wrote:

Preheat to 400, then dump in the beans and warm them up at 350 for 4:00

I let the Gene Cafe Ramp it up to 482 until first crasck and that is usually around 11:30 to 12:00.

Once I hear First Crack, I let it stay on 482 for 40 sec and then turn it down to 456 until I get to my desired roast

Color, smell, chaff all weigh in to when I decide to pull the roast. Typically I pull the batch as soon as I hear 2nd Crack start, but some beans recommend a lighter roast and I pull it before. Second Crack seems to happen around the 16:30 to 17:00.

I always emergency Stop and Dump my Beans onto a Pan that sits on the Back of a Fan!

Army Coffee,

I have a question, you say 11:30 to 12:00 mins in is approx 1c and 16:30 to 17 is approx 2c. Does your time (in this example) start when you throw the beans in the preheated GC?
Thank the Lord for my family.
Wow, I just found this forum and most of my questions have already been answered. The roasting profiles are exactly what I have been looking for so that I can stop twisting knobs in hopes for the best.

Unfortunately this leads me to more questions. Looking the profile for Sumatra Mandheling, was a preheat session used since the first notes were entered in at 5:30. Also what is the significance of "Bump"? Thank you in advance
John Despres
Welcome! Thanks for joining us.

"Bump" means to raise the temperature. Bump the temp up to 460F. Drop means just that; drop the temp.

Keep posting questions.

Have fun!

Respect the bean.
John Despres
Fresh Roast 8, Gene Cafe, JYTT 1k, Quest M3, Mazzer Mini, Technivorm, various size presses and many more brewers.
Thank you. ah, that makes me feel pretty dumb that I did not realize that one. I assume that since there are not any initial entries into the temp field for 0:00 to 5:00 that preheating was not used for Sumatra Mandheling?
John Despres
If you're speaking of Eddie's profiles, I think the preset temp may have been 300F and the roast started at that temp.

Respect the bean.
John Despres
Fresh Roast 8, Gene Cafe, JYTT 1k, Quest M3, Mazzer Mini, Technivorm, various size presses and many more brewers.
Yes, those are the ones that I downloaded from the download section. Thank you, I am going to give one a shot now!
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