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Just got it!
Drew, believe me, I have had the same thoughts on having some varieties that I liked less than others. That can be expected. In fact that is the beauty of this sickness. Funny part is that I could tell you that bean XX or YY or whatever is the best cup I ever tasted and you might completely disagree when you tasted the same coffee. That holds true for a lot of things in life. For what it is worth, I plan to repeat the experiment (GC vs. iRoast) on more varieties as I go just to verify my findings. I figure it will also be a good education toward becoming better at this process. Anyway, thanks for the kind words. It is nice to know someone is listening sometimes. Funny thing is that you mentioned your wife as a "sounding board" for your roasts. My wife likes a different taste than I do, so I find myself roasting "his and hers" batches sometimes. The good thing about that is it allows me the freedom to blend different varieties and experiment there too.
Army Coffee

I forgot to mention that I did a little blending because my wife really liked the Guatemalan I roasted and I reallly liked the Berry Notes in a Ethiopian Natural I had so we decided to make a Guatelopian 50/50 Blend. We both loved it!!!

What a great hobby we have!!!

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John Despres
Excellent, Sean!

Yep, the Gene Cafe is a great roaster. Congratulations on your succeses!

Respect the bean.
John Despres
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Thank you John. Now I just have to work on consistency and repeatability. I just built my cooler. Quick trip to Ace Hardware provided all I needed for about $6. Bucket, a couple PVC fittings and I already had the shop vac and wire collander. Think I will try it out today if I get a chance.
So, roast #2 is in the books. I did 226G of Guatemala CP select Antigua again. I am aiming for repeatability. I think I have a handle on it so far. I was shooting for city+ again. I ended up tweaking this roast a little on the fly due to lower ambient temp, and I used my new external cooling bucket. The roast went as follows:

Preheat to 400 for 7:00 (was shooting for 6:00, but something came up)
300 for 5:26
446 to 7:25
456 to 9:30
465 to 11:00
482 to 11:45
465 to 17:35 (EOR)

1C started about 12:10
rolling 1C @ 13:10
end [email protected]:45
EOR @ 17:35

dumped and cooled in the bucket
down to 100* @ 20:53 (75* a few seconds later)

I ended up bumping the temp up from 446 to 456 @ 7:25 (previous roast stayed @ 456 to 9:30. I did this because things were progressing more slowly, presumably due to 10* lower ambient temp)

end of roast looks almost identical to the first batch which was not cooled nearly as quickly and coasted to the same roast as intended. So now I wait and let it rest at least 24 hours and start tasting from there, which is where the real results can be determined. I will post back here and let ya'll know the result. Here are a couple pics. I did not get into 2C (as I intended not to) I am thinking I got about city+ based on the description of the swelled edges etc more than color, and also the fact there was no signs or sounds (or smoke) evidencing 2C. Here are a few pics of the beans and my cooler setup. Further results will be posted when I get a taste. Unfortunately I drank all of the first batch, so I will not get to do a direct taste comparison, just from memory.

here's my cooler bucket with shop vac and wire mesh collander
Here's my resulting batch
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hey Mike, I have a question for you... maybe you can help. I downloaded roasterthing. cool software, nice features. I have tried to log a couple roasts, and when I look at the graph, I see my endpoint, 1c 2c times etc. What I don't see is the roast profile graph line. I tried changing a bunch of colors in the menu, but that did nothing. what am I doing wrong?
Hi Sean,

I think it only automatically records actual graphs if you order his USB thermocouple board, which is geared more towards the Behmor roaster. See http://roasterthi...?q=Logging

But there is a little box that opens where you can manually log your own data to populate the graph. See the "Manual Logging" section at http://roasterthi...ureLogging

As for projected profile, you have to create a profile in the Profile Editor first. He doesnt have it in his "Help" files but you can get to it from the menu "Utilities -> Profile".

Then you can "Load" it into your roast graph. See http://roasterthi...edProfiles

Personally I dont use that part of his software. I do all my datalogging to a txt file through my PID controller, and I just record the ramp/soak pattern I used in the roast notes section.

Also, Ira was extremely responsive when I emailed him. He even made a few program changes at my request, and fixed a few bugs I reported. He is in it for the challenge, and gets off on feedback from us users.

Hope this helps....
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Mike Petro
Martinsville, VA
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Mike, thanks for the answer. I thought I manually logged my data. All I got was a straight vertical line for the endpoint and notation of 1c etc. I guess i will have to play with it more as this is the main function I want to use. I mentioned previously that I am not, nor do I expect to be as technologically advanced/proficient as you any time soon. So, although I think the stuff you are doing is pretty cool, I will just watch your direction with interest and glean what I can from it all.

Thanks for your reply, and I may email Ira soon to thank him for putting this nifty software out there free, or to ask for help and thank him if I am unable to solve it on my own. I prefer to suffer before I ask for help usually.
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