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Just got it!
hey Mike, I have a question for you... maybe you can help. I downloaded roasterthing. cool software, nice features. I have tried to log a couple roasts, and when I look at the graph, I see my endpoint, 1c 2c times etc. What I don't see is the roast profile graph line. I tried changing a bunch of colors in the menu, but that did nothing. what am I doing wrong?
Hi Sean,

I think it only automatically records actual graphs if you order his USB thermocouple board, which is geared more towards the Behmor roaster. See http://roasterthi...?q=Logging

But there is a little box that opens where you can manually log your own data to populate the graph. See the "Manual Logging" section at http://roasterthi...ureLogging

As for projected profile, you have to create a profile in the Profile Editor first. He doesnt have it in his "Help" files but you can get to it from the menu "Utilities -> Profile".

Then you can "Load" it into your roast graph. See http://roasterthi...edProfiles

Personally I dont use that part of his software. I do all my datalogging to a txt file through my PID controller, and I just record the ramp/soak pattern I used in the roast notes section.

Also, Ira was extremely responsive when I emailed him. He even made a few program changes at my request, and fixed a few bugs I reported. He is in it for the challenge, and gets off on feedback from us users.

Hope this helps....
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Mike Petro
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Mike, thanks for the answer. I thought I manually logged my data. All I got was a straight vertical line for the endpoint and notation of 1c etc. I guess i will have to play with it more as this is the main function I want to use. I mentioned previously that I am not, nor do I expect to be as technologically advanced/proficient as you any time soon. So, although I think the stuff you are doing is pretty cool, I will just watch your direction with interest and glean what I can from it all.

Thanks for your reply, and I may email Ira soon to thank him for putting this nifty software out there free, or to ask for help and thank him if I am unable to solve it on my own. I prefer to suffer before I ask for help usually.
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