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Horizontal Electric Drum Roaster
Mike, we should probably start a new thread with this, so feel free to move this post.

Since there are a lot of us wanting to roast with electricity I want make a horizontal drum.

The genie roaster is neat, but I think that running the drum true, with air blowing first horizontlly along the outside and then back through the interior would have great potential.

Vanes mix very well.

The Turbo Oven is a very nice engine, and I bet it could be adapted to do what I just suggested.



I just moved this from Peters 'Kilogram Roaster, Pictures' thread.

This sounds like a worthy effort. s:2 Sort of neat, starting from a completely unique and original idea.


I'll start this off with a post that we can edit as this project starts gaining some definition.

Seems to me that a good place to start would be itemizing a general Goals type of list.

1. Electric - heat & motive power...max current draw - - ??

2. Drum style roaster

3. Turbo Oven - - proposed engine

4. Heated air flow - - recirc from outside of drum to inside of drum.

5. Drum mounted vanes - - bean mixing

6. Target yield (roasted bean weight) - - one pound

7. ??

Some of us have thread edit permissions in this forum. For those that don't and have suggestions / comments that should be blended into this list, please post with succinct, specific statements that one of us with editing permission can add to the list.

This could be a worthwhile effort, more so if we get some serious participation. H)

Edited by Mike on 05/17/2006 1:48 PM

It looks like you have allready been giving this some thought. I'm thinking that I probably should catch up with you.

Do you have a specific turbo oven in mind (or in hand)? let me know the specifics so I can keep my eye open for one. I'm figuring this is the kind of project that would benefit from both of us (and others) building at the same time. Having more than one perspective while addressing the issues as they come up should be a positive influence.

There have been a lot of great ideas proposed and demonstrated by folks on this list and the SM list also. s:1s:2
Combining ideas can be funB)s:2

I still ike the idea of roasting without gloves, so I would have the chamber supported on one end only, and tilting it to dump. A funnel on the opening could work well.
Or seal the unsupprted end with a flange that will mount the TO,
tilt up to fill,
install TO..
roast horizontal..
tilt up and remove TO...
and dump Grins:3

As for size of roast? :|
WOW! At least a pound! net! Grin
Perhaps a lot more. s:4
Insulation is key..
Then.. should we be concerned with the physical size of this roaster set up??? s:8s:8s:8

Now it is looking like an expensive sample roaster, in my mind.
Probat or Diedrich.
(But inexpensive for us to build B)s:2)
Motor underneath to conserve length..
Strong chassis to support the drum on one end..
You could even recirculate the air from the bottom.. just leave the end open a bit to let the smoke out..
and to hear the cracks s:2s:2
Edited by peterz on 05/17/2006 1:35 PM
Mike, I keep collecting Turbo Ovens. Every time I see one for 10 bucks or so I grab it.
Most of them are only rated for around 1200 watts, but they recirculate the air!
It is relatively easy to take one out of it's glass lid and mount it in any configuration where you can cut a hole for it to fitShockc:2s:2
I edited in "one pound" for yield. Probably a good size for a personal roaster for a family - much more than that and you have to 'get rid' of the extra that is over and above personal use.

I have absolutely no experience with turbo ovens - which models would you suggest I look for so that we are both working on the same equipment?

I've got to go to town today, so I'll look at the local thrift stores to see what (if any) are available.

There are some American Harvest out there that are belt driven! s:3
They are rated 1500 watts but the belts keep breaking :@ :(
They are awkward to deal with. s:6s:7
They also have a bare nichrome wire coil. s:3 s:3
I would say that you can use any one that has the fan driven directly from the motor, and has an element encased, like as in an electric range oven.B)
Usually these are in glass (pyrex) lids.
The controls do not matter as they will likely be discarded Grins:8s:8
I'll start looking.


Now that I'm looking for turbo ovens, I'm seeing bread machines by the batch for $5 or so. I usually check the local thrift stores once a week looking for Poppery 1s, haven't seen one in six months. I was seeing turbo ovens all over the place until I started shopping for one. Wanted to update you so you know I haven't forgotten this project. I think this has a lot of potential. And I need a break from my fluid bed project sometimes.

Edited by Mike on 06/02/2006 5:07 PM
Some day I am going to get a heat gun and use it with my PGR instead of the TO.
I like how David roasts Grins:2s:1

This is the only way I will learn if I am hurting things by trapping most of the smoke inside. The drum lets the smoke out, especially if it is perferated.

Bread machines seem to be all over the place here also. And not many TO's.
Must be the Collective Consciousness, and the phase of the moon transfixed by their relation to the summer solstice. imho ShockShockShock

Now that it seems to make sense to run a couple of elements in parallel, it does not really matter too much if they are 1200W.

I agree that roasting only a pound at a time is the right amount for most families. B)
I roast to net about 650 gr ( really do not weigh anymore, just scoop.. whatever is on the scale I roast.. s:8s:8c:1

And that lasts about 10 days. Long enough to experience the roast through it's development without getting too close to being stale.

Usually when the jar gets toward empty I roast it almost full again and mix in what was left. c:1 It is always great coffee :)B)

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