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"B" model panel buttons failure
I am gong to revive this thread as I have had the "sticky/wonky" button issue twice now.

This last time I posted a WTB for another controller rather than fix it again.

The "fix" is using GC tuner cleaner/lube and some GC spray alcohol.

Take the PCB off of the plastic cover.

spray the PCB with alcohol until it drips off. This will remove any bean oil and fine "dust" that has attached itself to the PCB from roasting.

Carefully spray the momentary contact switches with the tuner cleaner/lube trying not to get it on everything.

"Exercise" the buttons (push them again and again. When you think you have pushed them enough do it some more as you are working the cleaner/lube into the switch.

Take the spray alcohol and spray off the PCB to remove any excess lube.

LET the PCB dry over night.

Last time the "fix" lasted 2 years. I'll see how long it lasts this time.

the button switches are surface mounted so easy to de-solder and replace if "the fix" does not work for you
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Thread Resurrection. THANK YOU TURTLE! I let my PCB drip with 91% Isopropol, dry, and spray with electronics plastics lube, button mash, dry overnight, then immediately roasted 4 batches back to back. (Was on my last few beans).
Almost had to buy store bought (BOOOO)
Randy G
Use Deoxit-D. I got a can (#D5S-6) on eBay. I used it on the electrical contacts on various electronic connectors (computer and sensors) on my wife's car and it cleaned them up nicely, and no residue. Same for the connections on the main circuit board on the Hottop. You do not need lubricant for momentary switches such as those on the Hottop control panel- quite the opposite.

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Excellent advice, Randy
I am on nearly 2 years of added service life from my board, thanks to you and Deoxit.
Randy G
I just read the earlier posts (shame on me). I would not recommend using any sort of lube on switch contacts. The Deoxit-D does not leave residue but removes oxidation and dirt and oils, and does provide anti-oxidant protection.

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