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So I would like to introduce ya'll to my Geisha
The wife and I went on a trip to Panama last January. While we were in Boquette, we visited the Jansen Family Coffee plantation. The grow exclusively the Gesha (Geisha) variety. We took about a 4 hour horseback ride through the plantation guided by one of the kids of the workers. Just the wife, me and our impromptu guide. We actually were lost driving up and down a small abandoned airstrip looking for one of the many plantations in the area. A guy came riding up on horseback about then. I asked if he knew if there was a plantation nearby. He pointed to it. We were sitting right in front of it practically. He turned out to be one of the brothers that own and operate it. I got some great pictures of the place too. Unfortunately they would not sell me any green coffee. we bought some of their roasted coffee, and the wife kept a single ripe cherry that the girl giving us the tour of the processing operation picked off one of the plants. Well long story not so short... I left it in the top pocket of my pack for about 2 weeks intending to bring it home and try to germinate it. Looking back I should have filled my pockets. So about the end of January, I peeled off the dried fruit and put it in one of the compartments of a fiber type egg carton in some seed starting soil. I filled the remaining compartments with other green coffee I had in my inventory fully realizing that none of it would be very likely to germinate. close attention to watering to keep it moist but not soaked for about 3 months yielded all but the Gesha (yes I labeled it) compartment turning a crazy color green and mildewed. I was willing to keep at it till it turned to mildew or sprouted. so about a week ago (after about 3 months) it finally sprouted!! I couldn't believe it. so here is a pic from yesterday and today. I realize growing it here in Tucson will not produce the same results as a cloud forest in Panama, but I am still pretty happy to have the one most valuble candidate be the one that survived so far. so here are a couple pics. The first one is about a week after she first stuck her head up, the next one is the following day. I am looking forward to having a long and satisfying relationship with her.
troposcuba attached the following images:
sprout1.jpg sprout.jpg

not sure why it posted the thread twice and put the pics in reverse order, but you get the idea.
How is the plant now that it is almost 12 months down the track?
I have thought about it but not much room and not much success as a gardener though.



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