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Just jumped in
Well I've been thinking about roasting for the past year or so. Finally decided to make the leap. While waiting for my Poppery to arrive I bpught off Ebay, I decided to try this out pn my stovetop Whirley Pop. Ny bean of choice for my very first roast was Bali Blue Moon. I wasnt going for any particular roast. I just wanted to get started. Started with heat on low to start the drying and yellowing. Gradially increased the heat after 5 minutes. My first roast turned out very uneven. Some beans are tan and some very dark brown. May not be ba thing though. We lee this weekend after a few days rest. Next up to roast is some Columbian Supremo.
Welcome to HRO Grizzly!

Bali Blue Moon is a favorite of mine although it's been quite a while since I had some to roast.

The Whirlley Pop is definitely a challenge especially before logging a few miles on it. You'll have a blast with the Poppery and be sipping some excellent coffee in no time.

Be sure to ask away with anything on your mind on using the Poppery and when you get the itch to do some hotrodding.

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Now that Im on my computer and not my phone I can see my spelling from earlier came out as rough as my first roasting. My curiosity got the better of me after I got off work tonight, After only 24 hours rest I brewed up a small batch just to get an idea. Actually it wasnt half bad. The wife didnt like it much though. Said tasted like the pot was sitting on the burner too long. But this is coming from a woman that likes to flavor her cream and suger with a little bit of coffee too. So learning from my mistakes on the first batch I decided to try again. This time I used an old frying pan as a heat diffuser and placed my popper in it since its just a cheap thin aluminum thing. I followed the same heating process as the first but used a flatter utensil instead of a spoon to agitate and a bit more beans to help hold the heat. After 14 minutes and 1 tired arm I was done. The beans were more evenly roasted with no charring. I stopped roasting when I first heard what I feel was the first snap of second crack. I didnt get to hear a first crack but I read thats not uncommom with Bali Blue. Is this true? Now I have the even medium brown shade but another concern rises. My beans didnt get as large as my first batch. I plan on taste testing this batch Saturday morning. I crunched on a bean from batch number 2 and was hit with a nice chocolate undertone. Hope the coffee carries that same undertone after resting 2 days. If my Poppery II isnt here by then I'm going out to thrift stores and see what I can dig up. I really want to get some consistant results. Oh and Im going to need more beans. Lots more beans.
I have a very hard time letting coffee sit 2 days before drinking.

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