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06/24/2022 1:13 AM
shdixon, Welcome !

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@NickQ, MW and Bert, coffee drink !

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Welcome, @Vulp !

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Hello, been a while. Hope all is well with everyone. roar

06/12/2022 11:38 AM
LawtonATX Welcome! Welcome

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First Roast with my New (to me) Hottop
I know, I've been away for a while. Sorry, guys, work has been sucking away my time (and daylight, hence no roasting).


I Finally hooked up the hottop I got over the summer. Roasted my first batch of beans and BF wanted a pot of new coffee. Said it tastes a little "chalky" and then asked why I went from the Mellitta to the Hottop (because I can better reproduce a yummy roast). I told him it probably needs to rest a few days, the super yummy batch from the mellitta rested a week before I ground it.

Here's my first experience. Any comments and suggestions would be great! Roasted outside, ambient temp about 65F.

Coffee: Columbian Risalrado Excelciso decaf. Well aged (stored in a burlap bag for the past 6? years)

Hottop roaster: KN-8828D

I turned it on and set it for 18 minutes. Since it's my first roast, I decided to follow the directions and then figure things out from there.

Let it pre-heat and then dumped in 270g of beans when it beeped. I don't know the temp, but from what I've read, the temp would have registered 170F. Kept an eye on it and hadn't noticed first crack when it gave the 40 second ending warning. Added 2:30. The rest happened pretty quick. After I added the time, first crack and smoke came. I could have probably just let it finish out the 40 seconds because I don't think a minute passed when I hit the eject button.

Sorry, no pics of the coffee. Nice cinnamon color, maybe a hair darker. No oil. One burnt bean (may have been hiding in the roaster).

BF wanted some fresh roasted coffee. Ground some of the cool beans (smelled wonderful) and brewed him a press pot. He said it was a little "chalky" and tasting his, I could see what he meant. It wasn't gritty or anything, but did have that odd taste. Definately not as bad as when I had the freshly roasted from the Mellitta. I"m thinking it's going to need a couple days rest (remember, I'm using ancient beans and have been for all roasts this year). Told him the batch he loved had rested a week before he tried it.

Hopefully this will rest well.
Randy G
That roast probably was a bit on the light side for immediate brewing. Also, you might want to drop down to 240-250 to shorten the total roast time.

Next roast: Program full time (I forget, but 23:00 I think). Then just pay attention to what is happening. At the first click of second crack, hit eject. that should make for a very fine drip or press in a day or two's rest.

And the manual.. some idiot wrote it. I know because it was ME! Feel free to contact me directly with any questions as well as posting those which may be of general interest here.

Be aware that the HTC and TC4C setup will allow you to connect that roaster to a computer and use roastlogger to monitor and control the roaster. The manuals are available for download at their respective sites, but be aware that the same idiot wrote those as well! Shock

Life's too short to drink bad coffee.
I know this is different than others do, but this works for me.
I have a Basic-2 version of the HotTop.

After running this roaster for a year and a half, I have saved this profile.

I set max temp to 428 & time to 25:00.
It pre-heats and starts timer at 167 degrees.
It runs 100% heat, 0% fan.
I dump 225 grams (8 oz, so I use pounds of beans without odd leftovers) at 375 degrees. Time is @ 20:40 - 20:30.
At 19:30, 18:30, & 17;30 I turn the fan on 25% for 30 seconds to evacuate humidity.
At 16 minutes, I lower to 60% heat and turn fan to 25% for the rest of the roast. 16 is 'usually' where the BMT is 310 signalling dry beans.
(This varies, I suppose by moisture content of beans)
At 13 minutes, I raise to 80% heat. About 1 - 1 1/2 minutes before 1C.
1C is around 11:30, but this varies alot.
At 10 I lower heat to 30%. This is close to where the BMT and oven temps are equal. (413-415 degrees)
I tried 20% but the heat seemed too low. More heat, and the machine wanted to eject (428 oven temp) before the roast was done.

I eject when my BMT is where I want. Usually 445 about 10-15 seconds into 2C. Sometimes i eject at 435/440. Time varies, but around 8:15.

My time & rate of rise is:
About 4 1/2 minutes -- 27.1 degrees p/min to DRY.
About 4 1/2 minutes -- 17.3 degrees p/min to 1C.
About 3 3/4 minutes -- 12 degrees p/min to EJECT.

This is for hard, high altitude beans, all I use. I am not experienced enough to vary my profile for a particular ben, I am still saying consistent to find little variations, and have not noticed any YET.
It works for me.

ALSO ....
Anyone have suggestions for altering my Rate Of Rise?

Hope it helps,
Ken in NC
Backwoods Roaster
"I wish I could taste as well as I wish I could roast."

As Abraham Lincoln said "Do not trust everything you read on the internet".

there are so many ways you will find that "work" for you and your new Hot Top. It is a great machine but you already know that...

I would drop amount to max 9 0z maybe 8.

set on auto, aka 18 minutes and dump beans in about 275 or 300 degrees, let roast finish up, you should get first crack about 390/396 and watch carefully from then on until you decide to dump them, most likely around 410 give or take...

you will get tons-o-ways around here for roasting in your hot top. I would simply play a bit and not worry about bean temp so much, use your look, smell and feel.

I have given up on roasting devaf; too hard to roast for me. every baych I have ever done has been crap.

you go woman...

nice to see you,


So after resting for a week, the beans were "perfect" so these need a week's rest for best results. Gonna need to roast more, used up what we had during the storm.

Gonna try the 8oz batch size and pre-heat to 275F to 300F. It'd be nice to get it to less than a week rest, but that's probably not going to happen.
frankly I don't think you need to rest that long for all beans; are you only roasting decaf?

I'd say the week is only for THIS particular bean. It's "well aged" so isn't going to behave like a fresher bean.
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