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Your recommendations for new drip brewer?
My Melitta Clarity of 3 years died... I then used a Presto Scandinavian for three years, and then the electronics went nuts and died...

So I am seeking a decent brewer with good temp control, and doesn't cost more than $99 ... So ...
What is your brewer?
Do you like it and why?
Would you buy it again?
How much did it run you?
Finally, any other comments to share?

Brett Mason
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No more than 99, maybe you can find a Technivorm on eBay when no one else is looking.

I love it, almost as much as my Chemex.
The water is hot, selected drop after bloom, options of dropping rate.
Yes, I would buy another one.
I paid retail for mine.

I came to the realization that i wasn't going to get a good coffee maker without spending money.

Ken in NC
Backwoods Roaster
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I think they are out-of-production, but new-old-stock can still be found at reasonable prices. I bought mine on eBait for 60 USD delivered:
Their main claim to fame is 204F water delivery:
The DeLonghi DCM900...
oldgearhead attached the following image:

No oil on my beans...
I love my Bonavita drip machine. I have the thermal carafe version ($150), but there is a glass carafe version that sells for around $130. A little over your price, but not by much. It is wonderfully simple, brews at the proper temperature, for the proper amount of time, it's fast, and makes great coffee. SCAA certified. The reviews I read before buying agreed that it makes a cup comparable to the Technivorm. I would definitely buy it again or recommend it to friends.

I have a Technivorm for sale in the JavA Trading Co.

you may have it for 99.00 bucks but you must pay the shipping cost.

a gift to you if you want it, let me know.


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