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save on coffee???
>>>Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kona are some of the most well-known and high-priced coffees. Their fame helps them command a hefty sum (as much as $42 per pound for the former), but Jason Dominy, former chair of the Barista Guild of America, says beans from Papua New Guinea are often just as good -- and much cheaper (about $12 a pound). In fact, many Papua New Guinea coffees are from plants that grew from the seedlings of Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Switch and save: $30 per pound<<<

these folks are talking roasted price here

roast and save more and enjoy better coffee.


Papua New Guinea: Botanical Varietal: Typica (from Jamaica Blue Mountain origin)

Morning Ginny,

I've been roasting PNG for a couple of years now and have been more impressed with it than with most of the centrals. To me it has a lot in common with really good guats and costas from years past. A lot of people have shyed away from this coffee fearing it would share in the Indonesian earthy/woodyness traits but I've never found it to be the case with any I've roasted.

Edit: Not all PNG's are from the Blue mountain Typica so if you're specifically looking for it you need to inquire of the seller.

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I also love PNG. Baroida Estate was excellent last two years. I found that they need to rest at least three days to peak.
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I agree guys the PNG's are wondeful.


I bought some for the first time recently and found it to be very similar to Costa Rica. Very nice coffee.
Since they started burning witches again, I've stopped buying...
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Greetings from the lower end of the totem pole! For me 12 bucks a pound is a bit steep. I might be considered a thrill seeker by many. I buy my beans from a local roaster. The coffees are all what I would consider to be very good to excellent. Whether or not they are exceptional Im not sure. Lately Ive been getting some really good png. Before the christmas swap I asked what was the best they had and was told in no uncertain terms that currently the png was the best. John D very elequently described it, and was able to use more adjectives than I thought was possible. Heres what I know about it. My supplier called it run of the mill. I asked what the bag said on the outside. He said it was packed in an inside out bag of some other origin printed on the inside. This roaster probably goes through 2 150lb bags of png alone a week. I pay 10 bucks for 2lbs, any of his coffees. This morning i picked up a bag and alas, it might be the end of it. Going to try to get a little bit more monday if my finances allow.
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