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Comparison between GC and Hottop?
I am a visitor from the GC section but am intrigued by the Hottop and wonder if anyone who has experience with both could point out significant differences?

I suspect my hearing difficulty would be less challenged by the Hottop, for example?
I roast on the kitchen counter and vent the smoke from the GC via flexible tubing from the chaff collector airflow outlet to the stovetop evacuation fan box. I imagine this would be more of a challenge with the Hottop?
What about ease of reaching the desired level and quality of roast?
Barrie (San Diego, CA)
"So much to learn, so little time."
Hottop 2K+., Artisan, Jura Capresso ENA 3 (i.e. espresso).
I have owned a GC & for the past 5 years or so I have been a Hottop man.
Without going into too much detail I have made a simple list. I am sure others will expand the points.

1 - Without some elaborate venting it is ill advised to roast in the house. The HT is a smoke producing monster & will soon ruin your home decor. I roast under the carport.
2 - An almost essential addition to the basic machine 'B' or 'P' is a probe into the bean mass. Neither the newer K type TC or the older button sensor are in the most useful position as it is fitted half in & half out of the bean mass. A probe through the chute lid ( simple to fit if you follow Randy Glass directions on his website) together with a simple logging program will give very good results of the roast progress.
3 - Be aware the difference between the two models. The 'P' sells as the flagship fully controlled machine. It isn't - you need to program 8 segments which can be very frustrating messy in operation. The biggest problem being the heater is either full on or fully off. The 'B' although cheaper is much better & can be programmed with percentages of max power & max fan speed.
4 - The HT is very quiet when running. Both first crack & second can be easy to hear subject to the bean being roasted. With a bean like Monsooned Malabar, for example, the cracks can run into each other. Same as with the GC really.
5 - With the 'B' model it is relatively easy to reach & repeat the desired level of roast.

Hope these notes will help.

Just have time for one comment, will finish later.

I use a Hot Top in my kitchen, on top of my gas stove. Yes I have an exhaust fan which is extremely powerful but I would clearly not call it an elaborate venting system.

I will find the other comparison that is here for HT v. GC and put up the link, a least I think it's here...

These comments are very helpful, and I am more interested in the newer B model of the Hottop. It does seem that the smoke is an issue and this may be a deciding point if I can't resolve it. That would be a real pity. I wonder what other indoor roasters feel about this? Ah! Your comment has just arrived, Ginny.
Barrie (San Diego, CA)
"So much to learn, so little time."
Hottop 2K+., Artisan, Jura Capresso ENA 3 (i.e. espresso).
I roast a large variety of beans. I roast no decaf at all.

The Hot Top I am using these days is the KN8828P, I can control the roast and I can setup specific roasts though for total control of my roast I use the Quest 3.

I roast a large variety of beans. I roast no decaf at all.

Another note on the Hot Top, the only time I find copious amounts of smoke is when I finish up and dump the beans, at that time I left the cute cover and pull up the fan filter, lot-o-smoke but my exhaust fan sucks i up right away.

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