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08/10/2022 1:56 AM
and RoyB, Welcome

08/06/2022 1:31 PM
Welcome, oak202, CoffeeNutZ and Mlcharlestonsc

08/04/2022 9:34 PM
Thank you!

08/03/2022 2:09 AM
Strangeworth and BigPalm, welcome to forum

08/02/2022 12:01 PM
Thank you guys and gals !! Exited to be here greenman

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Looking for a new coffee maker.
I am using a drip coffee maker that I got from Gevalia 5 or 6 years ago. I'm not sure who made it. It has two 16oz mugs and two swing out baskets. It works well, but is getting tired. I am looking for a replacement that makes 4 or 5 cups. I am the only one in my home who drinks coffee, so a 10 cup maker would probably be a waste.

Most of the small coffee makers are really cheap, as in crappy. I am considering the ZOJIRUSHI EC-DAC50 ZUTTO.

I also have a Chemex. The coffee it makes is pretty good, but unless I pre-heat the thing, the coffee ends up luke warm. I have read a lot about French presses. They sound like kind of a pain to use. Just like the Chemex.

I also looked at the various Bunn coffee makers, but I wonder about the quality of the coffee if I only make half a pot.

One more question. The altitude here is about 4800 feet. I read that Bunn has special models for high altitude. Does altitude affect other coffee makers? I haven't noticed any problems with mine.
Folks seem to really like the coffee made with an Aeropress.
I have one and enjoy ths coffee it makes.
It is very forgiving Shock
I usually roast quite a bit of the same bean to the same degree of roast.
With the AP you 'should' use water at a lower temp than other methods, but I have found I can turn on the electric pot, wait a while, and brew great coffee at whatever temperature the water is at. s:2
All these temperature variations give subtly different taste sensations, but I have never been disappointed.
Clean up is a breeze.
The only drawback?
To me it is more complicated to use, more hands on, than my morning drip pot.
But then , I am not really there before my first cup of the day... :|

Hope this helps c:2c:2 c:3
I had not heard of the Aeropress. As usual, I did a search and the reviews have been uniformly excellent. It's unusual to see a product with so few negatives.

I ordered one this morning. I'll post my impression of it when I try it.


P.S. I'm in Chino Valley. It's getting cold up here. Need hot coffee.;)
Edited by DML on 10/28/2006 1:20 PM
err. I use a swiss gold. Very simple to use, very simple to clean. Grind coffee, put grounds in bottom, Heat water to boiling in microwave, pour in top, presto, a few minutes later a cup of great coffee!

Now some will say that boiling is too hot to brew coffee, but by the time I get the cup out of the M wave and dump the water into the top strainer of the SG and it hits the grounds, it's cooled to the right temp already.

It only makes one cup at a time, but as you said, you are the only coffee drinker in the house, this way you are guaranteed a hot fresh cup every time.


Oh and it's cheap too.
Bean there Done that, donated the T-shirt to the Church of the Second crack.... St Beanyface
Ed: That's what I have been doing with my Chemex. It's works OK.

Aaron: There is something weird about microwaved water. I have used it to make tea and the tea has foam floating on it. Maybe it has something to do with the molecules getting excited. ;)

My AeroPress arived today. I carefully read the instructions and then pretty much ignored them. My first attempt turned out very good. It tastes different. The coffee seems to have more flavor and is less harsh. It also lacks that paper taste from the filter. I'm drinking my 2nd cup right now. I used more coffee this time and it is really good. I think I like this thing.Grin
Edited by DML on 10/30/2006 10:19 PM
Someone on the SM list spoke about an experiment where water that had been boiled in a microwave oven , then allowed to cool, was used to water plants.

The plants died :( s:7

Similar plants were watered with the same water that had not been through the MW.. maybe it had been boiled on a stove though.

( I forget that part s:6 )

Anyway, those plants thrived :) s:2

Glad you like the Aeropress.

Lots of us do B)

PeterZc:1 c:3
There are several websites that discuss microwave super heated water. It seems that under some conditions water can be heated well above the boiling point in a microwave oven. When something is put into the water it can spray you with boiling water. Shock

I seem to remember that Mythbusters tried this, but I don't remember the details.

I haven't lost my mind. I sold it on eBay.
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